How we work

Flexible engagement models designed around your business

Forget bending to rigid workstreams and processes. Our hybrid model molds seamlessly to your needs. You call the shots — choosing whether we lead the way or become a part of your team. And we accelerate speed to impact by infusing your team with the thought leadership and expertise it needs.

Engagement models


With you: Complement your teams with Nerdery experts

Our goal isn’t to disrupt operations but to enhance them by seamlessly integrating with your team. That’s where adaptable partnership comes into play. Give your team cross-industry expertise, flexibility, and scalability without changing the way you work. Together, we accelerate speed to impact and guarantee development predictability, leveraging agile methodology to optimize every resource.

Our value to you:

  • Depth and breadth of talent
  • Customized teams to meet your needs
  • Reduced hiring needs
  • Accelerated team performance

For you: Engage with full-service digital transformation leaders

When you select our full-service offering, you’re not just choosing a provider but a partner with deep expertise in digital consulting and software development. We take your vision and goals and nurture a solution custom fit to your business needs from inception to market. With strategy, delivery, and optimization services tailor-made for your use case, you can take your digital product to market faster.

Our value to you:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Centralized and controlled costs
  • Dedicated agile team providing knowledge continuum
  • Tailored solution with owned intellectual property

Why Nerdery


Adapt to evolving markets with agility

Harness the agility and flexibility needed to adapt to an evolving market. We adjust our strategy to you, ensuring our approaches and teams always fit your current trajectory.


Achieve measurable impact at every step

Validate your investment by finding ways to deliver impact throughout the project — leveraging quick wins and steady progress, we secure measurable business value at every stage of your journey.

Whats next?

Anticipate what’s next for your industry

With over two decades of proven digital expertise, we empower you with the depth of knowledge to innovate, merging the latest technology with industry best practices.

Nearshore and onshore

In today’s fast-paced environment, you face pressures to complete complex projects swiftly while balancing cost-efficiency and quality. Add to this that every project’s requirements are different, and it’s clear why you need flexible teams to cross the finish line. 

We get that not every team needs the same level of scale or integration. That’s why our approach adapts to your timeline constraints, budget, and scope using three team-building strategies.

Nerdery Map


Building applications quickly requires efficiency and understanding. By harnessing our nearshore expertise, we offer you the best of both worlds: the cost-efficiency of a global talent pool coupled with the convenience of communication and time zone alignment.


For the most intricate and complex projects, onshore is indispensable. It not only maintains top-notch quality control but also delivers talent ingrained with local market savvy. Additionally, close proximity facilitates easier, more effective collaboration, ensuring that your most challenging projects are met with tailored, insightful solutions.

Team Augmentation

Elevate your team effortlessly. No matter where you stand in the product development journey, our adaptive approach guarantees seamless integration of expertise and thought leadership. We’re equipped to scale and shift with your needs rapidly, ensuring our approach stays aligned with your needs.

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Digital product consulting

Create digital solutions that are not only user-validated but also market-approved, ensuring they truly meet users’ needs. Our approach achieves this by building on data-informed decisions, iterative development, and continuous adaptation — guiding you through the digital product lifecycle with precision and foresight. 

Our Process Animated


What does a custom build mean?

Also known as bespoke or custom software, a custom build refers to an application specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of a particular group of users. Unlike off-the-shelf software, which is mass-produced and available to a broad audience with generic features, custom-built software is tailored to fit the precise preferences, expectations, and business processes of its intended users.

What is Nerdery’s unique approach?

Our approach blends deep technical expertise with a focus on what truly works for your business. As a tech-agnostic partner, we don’t just push familiar frameworks, systems and tools. Instead, we carefully identify the most efficient and optimal solutions tailored specifically to your needs. This ensures our services adapt to your business objectives, delivering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

How quickly can you solve my pain points?

The best way to get a timeline for your project is through a consultation. Speed is based on the complexity of your solution, clarity of requirements, resource scarcity, integration with existing systems, regulatory requirements, and so on. Direct consultation brings clarity to your requirements and allows us to map out a tailored approach that plans for complex problem areas, integration with existing systems, and regulatory landscapes.

Which engagement model should I choose?

The engagement model best suited for your digital product depends on factors like scale, complexity, budget, and compliance. It’s best to set up a consultation where we can learn more about your business goals and point you in the right direction.

Can you help me innovate or find unique solutions?

Absolutely. With over two decades of experience across industries ranging from consumer goods to medtech, we bring unique perspectives that allow us to approach your challenges from unique perspectives. This cross-industry expertise allows ideas from one sector to inspire innovations in others and lead to breakthroughs.

Leverage adaptable partnership for your next project