Who we are

Redefining the limits of what's possible through technology

Each day, our team challenges itself to discover new ways to drive progress, from co-creating visionary technology solutions for ambitious goals to fostering diverse and inclusive work environments. With our Nerds at the forefront, we’re constantly innovating to help everyone we partner with reach beyond their potential.

20 years of exploration and innovation

For the past two decades, passionate Nerds have brought curiosity, creativity, and commitment to delivering business breakthroughs for our clients. Deep empathy has shaped our work. It drives us to tailor every solution to our clients’ unique needs and ensure investments are intentional and practical. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology, leveraging data insights, AI, and multidisciplinary expertise to help our clients embrace a more digital future.


Core values

Integrity, curiosity, and collaboration. These traits help us deliver innovative solutions that enable our partners to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Prompting us to swiftly adapt to our clients’ needs — minimizing disruption and accelerating progress.

Take ownership and act

Step up. Simple as that. We’re empowered and expected to take a chance, take the initiative, and look for opportunities to drive our client’s business forward. So, we show up each day and give it our best shot.

Explore and innovate

A sense of adventure, an openness to change, and a passion for innovation aren’t just for wild-haired inventors. We learn, adapt, stretch, and are curious — all in service of growth for the team and our clients.

Do what’s right

Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. It’s the bedrock. The foundation. And with that comes the promise of upholding our commitments, earning the trust of our clients, and working in the best interests of one another.

In it together

No one does it alone. The collective strength of our ideas and our belief in shared accountability is what drives success — for ourselves and our clients. So we invest our time and energy in partnerships, in collaboration, and in having each others’ backs. Because together, we’ve got this.


Mike Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer

Mike is a seasoned leader with 20 years experience in digital business consulting, where he is best known for solving complex business challenges and maximizing client outcomes through technology. He co-founded Nerdery in 2003, serving as CIO and then Chairman of Nerdery’s Board of Directors until being named CEO in 2020.

Steve Arndt

Chief Financial Officer

Steve joined Nerdery in 2015 as CFO and is responsible for the Finance, Legal and Nerd Support teams, as well as the Operations team. A certified CPA, Steve ensures the business strategy is properly funded and drives enterprise value.

Jake Pomplun

Chief Growth Officer

As Nerdery’s Chief Growth Officer, Jake leads the Business Development team focusing on expansion opportunities, market penetration and delivering consistent value to new and current clients. With deep experience in leading businesses through digital transformation, Jake continues to redefine go-to-market strategies and deliver top-line growth.

Saima Prabhu

Senior Vice President of Client Services

With a track record of 26+ years, Saima brings deep expertise and an innovative approach to client services. Her unwavering commitment to delivery excellence, coupled with a strategic vision and a deep-rooted emphasis on culture and value creation, has consistently elevated Nerdery’s client experience.

Rachel Alm

Vice President of People Operations

As the head of Nerdery’s People Operations, Rachel leads initiatives focused on cultivating talent growth strategies and supporting Nerdery’s highly engaging work culture. Her success is rooted in her holistic HR approach, aiming to empower employees through meaningful career experiences and understanding their life goals.

Justin Richie

Vice President of Data and AI

Justin spearheads Nerdery’s data and AI team, expertly crafting and scaling solutions that drive impactful customer outcomes. He is passionate about building cross-functional teams — with a focus on becoming more data-driven. As AI evolves, Nerdery will focus more on value generation and building positive ROI. Justin’s team will be at this intersection with the ever-changing velocity of AI adoption.

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How we live our purpose

Nerdery is a purpose-driven company with a vision to relentlessly invent a world that works better for all. We bring this vision to life in how we work with our clients and through our purpose-driven programs.


We strive to create a workplace that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion — enabling all employees to thrive and feel valued. Recognizing that this work is ongoing, our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) committee provides opportunities for Nerds to make a positive impact through quarterly sub-committees focused on dedicated topics within the DEIB space. The goal of this committee is education, celebration, and thoughtful discussions to spark positive change.


For 20 years, Nerdery has worked to support our communities — connecting with individuals and organizations who share our purpose-driven philosophy. Each year, we host an Extra Life Gaming fundraiser to contribute to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, raising over $400,000 to date. Our Nerdery Gives Back program provided free digital assistance to small businesses in Arizona, Illinois, and Minnesota during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have also partnered with Amplify, an organization that supports the technology needs of entrepreneurs in underrepresented communities.


Our services are thoughtfully delivered, with an emphasis on protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. For example, by eliminating the need for data centers in our offices and instead using cloud hosting solutions, we eliminate more than 122,000 lbs of carbon emissions each year. Within our offices, we also reduce waste through recycling, composting, as well as motion-detecting electrical, lighting, and heating systems — all in our effort to support a greener future.

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