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Leading the way with innovative data analytics services

Actionable data insights are elusive. Through deep expertise that ranges from data engineering and visualization services to advanced analytics, we empower you to extract insights while complying with industry regulations.

Elevate your data analytics game

Our data analytics services transform your data into actionable intelligence. We cater to your unique way of working and the needs of today’s data-driven businesses with diverse and dynamic capabilities.

An agile approach to data analytics excellence

At Nerdery, we transform your data challenges into business triumphs, guiding you from initial discovery to full-scale data empowerment. Your journey to data mastery starts here.

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Discovery and assessment

Our initial consultations are the launchpad for a data-driven transformation. We dive deep into your business ecosystem, assessing your data infrastructure and analytics capabilities to spotlight growth opportunities.

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Strategy and planning

Our strategic blueprint combines your business objectives with our analytical acumen, aligning every data decision with your goals. We map a journey from raw data to clarity, identifying resource allocation needs, clear KPIs, and milestones.

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Proof of concept development

Our PoC services help you visualize the value of data analysis solutions before full-scale production. Using a subset of your data, we employ advanced analytics to showcase practical, impactful solutions tailored to your needs.

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Evaluation and refinement

Collaboration is key in our data analytics services. After PoC, we engage with you to fine-tune our solutions, making your feedback the catalyst for our refinement process.

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Full-scale implementation and support

Our comprehensive roll-out plan is designed for seamless adoption across your organization. From data governance to staff training, we’re with you every step, ensuring your team always has access to the expertise it needs.

Data analytics services are a business accelerator


Using big data resulted in an 8% increase in profit and a 10% reduction in cost for surveyed businesses.*


Intensive users of customer analytics are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors in new-customer acquisition than non-intensive users.**


Companies making intensive use of customer analytics are 2.6 times more likely to have a significantly higher ROI than competitors.***

*Benefits of Big Data Analytics: Increased Revenues and Reduced Costs, BARC
**2013 “DataMatics” survey, McKinsey
***2013 “DataMatics” survey, McKinsey

Speeding toward success: Nerdery's accelerated value impact

Our deliverables are focused on helping you achieve business value faster. From rapid software prototyping to pre-built models and frameworks, we accelerate custom data analytics solutions.

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Data analytics roadmap and strategy

We help you develop a tailored data analytics strategy and implementation roadmap that aligns with the business’s goals and objectives. This includes the assessment of current data capabilities, identification of key data-driven opportunities, and a clear plan for leveraging data analytics for business growth.

Seamless integration

Data integration and warehousing

Transform disjointed systems into a unified platform with our data integration and warehousing services. Our tailor-made API integration ensures smooth data flow across your digital ecosystem. We craft centralized data warehousing for in-depth analysis and streamline extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes for efficient data management.


Customized analytics solutions and reports

Developing custom analytics solutions like predictive models, customer segmentation, and operational efficiency analyses, we provide reports and dashboards that highlight key business insights. Our tailored dashboards and automated reports make data insights accessible across departments — fostering alignment and empowering teams.

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Enhanced data management systems

At the forefront of machine learning, we develop models that automate decision-making and demand forecasting, incorporating advanced data analysis with natural language processing and image recognition capabilities. Our focus on robust data governance practices guarantees data integrity and compliance with relevant regulations.

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Training and empowerment programs

We offer comprehensive training sessions to equip your team with the skills to use and understand analytics tools and reports. Beyond implementation, our focus on training and empowerment enables your team to leverage these insights confidently.

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Continuous support and analytics optimization

Our service extends beyond initial deployment, offering ongoing support for your data analytics tools and systems, including regular updates and maintenance. We conduct periodic reviews and optimize analytics strategies to ensure they remain aligned with your business needs and adapt to market changes.

A solution-orientated team, focused on doing what’s right and in perfect alignment with our project’s aspirations, standards and operational excellence.

– Next Digital Program Lead, Google Cloud

Partnership that magnifies your capabilities

Choosing Nerdery extends your services and expertise, providing access to digital platform experts with over two decades of ideation experience. You also benefit from partnerships with the biggest names in technology.

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