Digital Product Management

Successful digital products are continuously optimized

Do you know what sets successful products apart? It’s their ability to stay relevant and in tune with the ever-changing market dynamics and user needs. That’s where product optimization comes into play. By constantly refining and improving your product, you can keep up with your customers’ desires and stay ahead of the competition. Let ongoing product management be your digital advantage!

Ensuring your apps are always at the forefront

Our approach to ongoing development, optimization, and change management ensures that your digital offerings meet and exceed dynamic user needs, tech advancements, and market fluctuations. Through collaboration, we harness user feedback and data analytics, establishing robust change management processes to keep your products at the forefront of innovation and market relevance.

User needs, technology, and market forces are constantly changing. That’s why we say that digital products are never truly finished. At Nerdery, we work closely with your team to take your digital products past MVP. Viewing the first iteration as the beginning, we learn from user feedback and respond to it by incorporating it into future versions — enhancing engagement and usability.

Product optimization

Product optimization reinvigorates existing digital products, enabling businesses to stay connected with customers’ demands and rapidly changing market trends. Don’t let issues like usage rate decline and cart abandonment bring down your bottom line. By leveraging data-driven insights and analytics, you can keep your applications relevant, outperform competitors, and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Change management

At Nerdery, we collaborate closely with your teams to establish an organizational environment where everyone works toward your digital product’s success. By clearly defining standards and processes, we ensure your product teams are aligned with the right people, processes, and capabilities — enhancing their effectiveness in managing successful products in the market.

Building the proper foundation for digital product management

Our approach centers on gaining insights from user feedback to inform the product roadmap on an iterative basis. We aim to continuously improve applications by incorporating real-time user insights while reducing technical debt that may hinder the end-user experience.

Product Management Process Steps

Digital product management cuts out subpar user experiences


Implementing digital technologies can move progress toward company goals by 22%*


Investing in custom software to streamline operations and automate tasks can improve productivity by 20-30% on average**


67% cite bad experiences as a reason for churn***

* Deloitte: Uncovering the connection between digital maturity and financial performance
**A future that works: Automation, employment, and productivity, McKinsey & Company
***What’s the Best Way to Train Your Customer Service Team?, Salesforce

Putting the user feedback loop to good use

By consistently analyzing user experience and product performance metrics, we uncover opportunities to improve the overall experience — keeping products practical and relevant over time.


Exceptional CX

Gain valuable user and competitive insights to enhance customer experience and create innovative ways to delight your customers.

competitive icon yellow

Competitive differentiation

Deliver a standout product by anticipating and meeting customer needs.

Digital platform engineering continuous improvement

Improved performance

Through continuous analysis of user experience and product performance, we can identify opportunities to improve key metrics like engagement, satisfaction, and conversion.

Application Migration Risks

Risk mitigation

Data-driven insights ensure expected performance by measuring success, paving a clear path forward, and making pivoting easier.

We measure all things by revenue numbers. Through our partnership with Nerdery, we are blowing our revenue numbers out of the water.

– Director of Customer Experience, Global Life Sciences Company

Case Study | Building a user-driven e-commerce platform that drove 22% sales growth

e-commerce platform case study image


During the global pandemic, there was a significant increase in the demand for healthcare products and pharmaceuticals. However, a globally recognized life sciences company, was encountering high cart abandonment rates on its e-commerce platform. The culprit was poor customer experience, adversely affecting the company’s potential revenue during a crucial period.


They embarked on a journey to revolutionize its e-commerce experience. The company initiated a comprehensive process involving the design, testing, development, and launch of a new, user-friendly e-commerce platform. This innovative platform was specifically tailored to meet the needs of the scientific community, facilitating easy ordering and tracking of supplies. The focus was on enhancing the customer experience and streamlining the purchase workflow to minimize friction points.


The transformation of the e-commerce platform had a significant impact on their business outcomes. By enhancing the customer experience and purchase process, the company saw a substantial decrease in cart abandonment rates, resulting in exciting growth. The company not only met but tripled its annual e-commerce sales goal within just six months. The result was a staggering $1.4 billion in revenue, marking a 22% growth. This case study exemplifies how customer-centric digital innovation can drive impactful business growth, even in challenging times.

Partnership that magnifies your capabilities

Choosing Nerdery extends your services and expertise, providing access to digital platform experts with over two decades of ideation experience. You also benefit from partnerships with the biggest names in technology.

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