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Seize your competitive advantage with a bold mix of strategy, software engineering, AI, and data analytics. We’re not just creating digital platforms; we’re crafting custom, high-impact digital ecosystems that make you more valuable, efficient, and competitive in the digital era.

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Explainable AI: The Future of Responsible and Ethical AI

Explainable AI aims to provide a clear and human-understandable explanation for the decisions generated by AI and machine learning models — helping to create more trustworthy and transparent systems to assist a wide range of stakeholders such as developers, regulators, and end-users.

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Getting Started with Generative AI: A Comprehensive Guide

Generative AI, the latest frontier of artificial intelligence, has been creating a buzz since its inception over a year ago. This groundbreaking technology unlocks new possibilities for machine learning, empowering everyone to develop customized generative AI solutions.

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What we do

Our formula blends digital consulting with technical mastery — elevating software, product, and platform development to accelerate business development and growth.


Explore new ideas, backed by insights and analytics, to develop actionable plans.

  • Technology Consulting
  • Data Strategy Consulting
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Digital Product Consulting

Cloud Development Services

Utilize cloud services to reduce costs, increase scalability, and drive business growth.

  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • Integration / APIs
  • DevOps Services

Data and AI

Maximize your data’s potential, enable AI/ML and improve efficiencies.

  • Data Analytics Services
  • AI Development Services
  • Generative AI Services
  • MLOps Services

Custom Software Development

Build highly-intuitive, scalable digital products that engage and delight your customers.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • UX and Design Services
  • Rapid Prototyping

We knew this was the right strategy, but these results have well exceeded expectations… and it isn’t even the full picture. Scanning efficiencies, more frequent releases, the use of many off-the-shelf contributed solutions as well as global support… the engagement is certainly setting the course of the organization and getting recognized for it.

– Senior Digital Product Owner, Purina

– Senior Digital Product Owner, Purina

A solution-orientated team, focused on doing what’s right and in perfect alignment with our project’s aspirations, standards and operational excellence.

- Next Digital Program Lead, Google Cloud

- Next Digital Program Lead, Google Cloud

The impact to date is huge… Our workload is more organized and we are confident that we are working on impact issues… I am very optimistic about the direction we are heading.

- Director of IT, PING

- Director of IT, PING

Nerdery’s ability to translate our vision into product has instilled the confidence that we could tackle any project with them and their ability to communicate with our existing customers to discover needs and pains has helped sharpen the product even more.

– Ryan Holland, Owner, Real Sportscards

– Ryan Holland, Owner, Real Sportscards

The Nerdery team felt like an extension of our own team as we developed solutions following a true, collaborative process. By getting to the heart of our customer experience, they helped us stand up Ship-to-Store in less than five months, and we’re seeing success already with PG&A sales steadily increasing.

– Director, e-Commerce, Polaris

– Director, e-Commerce, Polaris

Twenty years of digital excellence


5M hours delivering digital products and platforms


98% of projects delivered on time and on budget


2K clients serviced with successful digital solutions

How we do it

Accelerate time to market and maximize cost savings with adaptable partnerships. We flex to the way you work, infusing your team with leadership, industry expertise, and agile-focused skill sets. Our approach helps you pivot to industry shifts and keep your digital products relevant.

With you

Complement your internal teams with Nerdery experts

Our goal isn’t to disrupt operations but to enhance them by seamlessly integrating with your team. That’s where adaptable partnership comes into play. Give your team cross-industry expertise, Agile skills, and scalability without changing the way you work.

For you

Engage with full-service digital transformation leaders

When you choose our full-service offering, we take your vision and goals and nurture a custom solution from inception to market. With creation, delivery, and optimization services tailor-made for your business case, you can take your digital product to market faster.

Accelerate your digital
transformation journey


Adapt to evolving markets with agility

Harness the agility and flexibility needed to adapt to an evolving market. We adjust our strategy to you, ensuring our approaches and teams always fit your current trajectory.


Achieve measurable impact at every step

Validate your investment by delivering impact throughout the project — quick wins and steady progress deliver measurable business value at every stage of your journey.

whats next

Anticipate what’s next for your industry

With over two decades of proven digital expertise, we empower you with the depth of knowledge to innovate, merging the latest technology with industry best practices.

Companies we innovate with

Boston Scientific
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic

Digital solutions that fuel growth

Nerdery helps those championing digital innovations to turn their vision into powerful results. We do this by co-developing insights and ideas that help you stay customer-obsessed and keep an outcome-focused mindset throughout each engagement. But don’t take our word for it — dig into the results for yourself. 

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Reimagine what’s possible

Curiosity, partnership, and expertise help us identify pain points and co-create digital solutions your customers love. Learn how we use these qualities to spark innovation.

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