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Digital Product Services

Product Framing

You have an idea. You have a vision. But where do you start?

Investing in digital products can drive your business forward

Investing in digital products can drive your business forward

Investing in digital products can drive your business forward

But for them to be successful, they have to align with your organizational capabilities and directly tie to the needs of your consumers. Nerdery’s Digital Product Framing offering helps you identify the right technology solution to satisfy your customers and propel your growth.

It’s not discovery; it’s a holistic product perspective.

You have a problem you need to solve. You know the solution is digitally enabled but don’t know where to start or how to prioritize. Nerdery’s Product Framing offering establishes a strategic and achievable path forward by defining a solution that meets the needs of both your end users and your business.

Product Framing ensures alignment across strategy, experience design, and technical requirements that inform the implementation roadmap before we kick off a development team. We evaluate and define the best approach to bring your vision to life.

Ready to get started?

Let’s take the first step to turn your ideas into game-changing solutions.

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Nerds collaborating on product framing and discovery in Nerdery office.

How it works

Our approach is to lead with a cohesive team of experience designers, technology advisors, and strategists. We assess the desirability, viability and feasibility of the solution to better refine and understand the landscape for implementing changes and making an impact.


Does this solution fill a need?
Does this solution fit into people’s lives?
Will users want it?

Identify opportunities

  • Identify key friction points
  • Competitive analysis (UX)
  • Outline product goals

Explore solutions and validate

  • Future state journey ideation
  • Design concepting
  • Prototype key pathways

+ User experience and design services
+ Insights and analytics services


What technology will best power it?
What resources and tools are required?
How long will it take to create?

Identify opportunities

  • Future state journey ideation
  • Design concepting
  • Prototype key pathways

Explore solutions and validate

  • Assumptions documentation
  • Solution blueprinting
  • Estimate effort for MVP features
  • Technology selection

+ Technology and engineering services


Does the solution fit into the budget?
What might the ROI look like?
Does it align with our business goals?

Identify opportunities

  • Competitive analysis
  • Service blueprinting
  • Objectives and key results

Explore solutions and validate

  • KPIs and metrics
  • Business case and opportunity definition
  • Identify data strategy and governance needs

+ Strategy and innovation services

Product framing outcomes

By relentlessly focusing on and meeting the needs of consumers, we help our clients compete, differentiate and grow.

A clear path forward

Sometimes finding where to start is the hardest part of the journey. Product framing helps teams find clarity and direction. From identifying a first step, to creating tangible outcomes like a strategic roadmap and prototypes — Nerdery will empower and guide you every step of the way.

Mitigated risk through digital product expertise

Nerdery cultivates creative environments where teams can get out of their comfort zones — coupling their knowledge with skilled product experts, who bring the best of cross-industry knowledge, benchmarking and requirements. We’ll take you on the journey of moving from a project to product mentality, to ensure a successful deployment.