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Experience true alignment with data strategy consulting

Becoming more data-driven in your business strategy and decision-making starts with how you handle your data. Craft a comprehensive data strategy consulting plan that aligns with business objectives, pinpoints gaps in system processes, and uncovers opportunities for efficiencies — helping you foster a data-centric culture.

Data strategy consulting that unlocks business goals

Our data strategy consulting capabilities are designed to improve how you interact with your data. This includes a better understanding of how data supports product development, establishing aligned data processes, and using your data to reach business goals.

Data process mapping

Understand your data flows. Identifying and visualizing how your data flows helps uncover gaps in your internal processes and opportunities for optimization, which is vital for ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. By mapping your data process, you’ll secure a competitive advantage and decrease your time to insights.

Data policies and procedures

Cultivate a data-centric culture. Data management consulting helps you create consistency and standardization in how your organization handles data, fostering trust in its reliability and an eagerness to contribute. Clarity on data procedures also helps build trust with internal and external stakeholders by demonstrating your commitment to data security and privacy.

Infrastructure road map

Clarify the path to data efficiency. It’s great to discuss your data goals, its policies, and how it moves. But how do you reach your goal? Together, we develop your data strategy framework — which covers the tools, processes, and business objectives needed to turn your vision into reality. 

Data strategy consulting

Don’t settle for lackluster data insights

Many organizations face disjointed data protocols, making extracting insights difficult while the data is still valuable. Add to that a lack of business alignment in what data they track and the reasons for doing so, and it’s easy to see why it isn’t being used to its full potential. Let us help you connect your data, strategy, and technology to help you succeed in becoming a more data-driven organization.

Successful data strategy consulting helps you:

  • Enhance decision making
  • Identify and seize market opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs 
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Drive revenue growth

Unlock the potential of your organization with data strategy consulting services


90% of business data is unstructured*


Organizations that leverage customer behavior data to generate insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin**


68% of Chief Data Officers want to improve the way they use data and analytics***

*IDC white paper: The untapped value of unstructured data
**“Behavioral economics,” Gallup,
*** Deloitte 2022 Chief Data Officer survey

We were impressed by the amount of insights, the collaboration and participation — it really felt like one cohesive team.

– VP of Marketing and Product Management, Music Education Company

Case Study | Home Food Delivery Company: Fueling Decisions with Data Strategy Consulting

Data Strategy Consulting Case Study


An established leader in home food delivery recognized the need to sharpen their financial strategy through data. They chose Nerdery to craft a ‘profitability engine’ for their finance team, aiming to transform raw data into a feast of actionable insights. The goal? To assess how changes in distribution and fulfillment strategies could spice up their profitability.


Our team swiftly developed a solution, integrating multiple data sources into a dynamic ‘What if?’ analysis tool. More than simply organizing data, we helped them prepare it for strategic decision-making.


Encouraged by the initial success, we’re working to enhance this tool further — Adding more datasets and enriching their ability to navigate the omnichannel business landscape with data as their compass. Data isn’t just an ingredient for this home food delivery giant; it’s the secret to their success.

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