Get ahead of the competition with technology consulting

Many businesses struggle to navigate the rapid advancement of technology, especially in AI, cloud computing, and big data. Our technology consulting services help connect disparate systems and align technology strategies with your business objectives — fueling investments that make an impact.

Technology consulting aligned to your goals

From technology assessments to solution architecture, we provide cross-functional and cross-industry expertise to help your business stay ahead in the fast-evolving digital world.

Technology assessments and audits

Technology consulting gives you clarity on where your technology stands and how to align it with your business goals — reducing risks and identifying business opportunities.

and gaps assessments

Pinpoint the specific areas where your technology could be enhanced to support your growth, ensuring that your investments drive real business value.

Technology roadmapping workshops

Develop a clear, actionable roadmap for technology implementation to prioritize initiatives and allocate resources effectively.

Technology selection

Technology consulting helps you use data to ensure you are choosing the most effective tools and platforms to meet your specific business needs.

Digital maturity assessments

Understand your digital maturity to better plan future digital transformations and establish yourself as a forward-thinking, digitally-advanced organization.

DevOps and automation

Speed up the development process, enhance software quality, and reduce manual errors with technology consulting — leading to faster time-to-market and increased operational efficiency.

Holistic and unbiased technology growth

Our technology consulting is built on a holistic, unbiased approach that combines multi-industry expertise with partnership strategies that conform to your business needs — setting you up for successful technology investments.

Cross functional icon

Cross-functional analysis

We assess your current technology landscape and map it against future aspirations to determine the feasibility of technology opportunities.

Vendor-neutral icon

Vendor-neutral solutions

We provide impartial advice without pushing specific products or platforms to ensure solutions are always in your organization’s best interest.

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Customized strategies

We develop tailored solutions backed by data and insights into real market needs that align perfectly with your business goals.

Technology consulting leads to measurable business results


Businesses see an average five-year ROI of 250% when they invest in consulting services related to improving their technology infrastructure *


Companies that are leaders in leveraging data and digital technology typically have 5% higher productivity and 6% higher profits than their peers**


Implementing digital technologies can move progress toward company goals by 22%***

*Study conducted by the IDC (International Data Corporation)
**Boston Consulting Group
***Deloitte: Uncovering the connection between digital maturity and financial performance

Beyond consulting: A partner for your technology journey

Our services don’t just end with technology consulting.

“We wanted a partner who had the design and digital development skills, but most importantly, someone who was going to sit across the table from us and figure it out with us and help us get to market quickly.”

– Scott Weber, Chief Marketing and Design Officer, M Health Fairview

Case Study | Digital Capability Mapping for M Health Fairview

M Health Fairview Mobile


M Health Fairview grappled with a digital conundrum: numerous patient touch points were scattered across different hospital systems and lacked a unified identity. The pressing question? How to merge these disparate systems while ensuring their tech landscape would stay aligned with strategic goals.


Enter Nerdery. Our technology consulting started with digital capability mapping to determine where to focus improvements for the most added value and to make decisions that were in line with MHF’s strategic initiatives. The new strategy aimed to transition them from a fragmented system to a connected ecosystem of patient experiences underpinned by shared digital capabilities.


Moving existing point solutions towards a platform approach allowed MHF to create a cohesive environment with shared, reusable tools and guidelines. As a result, MHF can implement new models of care more effectively, ensuring a seamless patient journey. And by shifting to a connected ecosystem, MHF will be able to offer a more consistent and efficient service, aligning with its strategic goals and elevating the patient experience.

Partnership that magnifies your capabilities

Choosing Nerdery extends your services and expertise, providing access to digital platform experts with over two decades of ideation experience. You also benefit from partnerships with the biggest names in technology.

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