Spark Your Potential

Curious and creative, Nerds use their skills in strategy, design and technology to build digital products for some of the world’s best organizations.

How Nerdery works

Nerds come from a wide variety of backgrounds and digital disciplines, and we support our clients through our expertise in:

Product and business strategy

Use your product development expertise and strategic skills to reimagine how our clients use digital products to push their organization forward.

User experience and design

Join up with our team of passionate, multidisciplinary design experts and discover what’s possible.

Insight and analytics

Team with us to explore the art of research and data as it uncovers the human needs for digital products.

Technology + Engineering image

Technology and engineering

Connect with our team of can-do engineers and tech leaders to build cutting-edge digital solutions.

What it means to be a Nerd

Quality of opportunity

Never a dull day. We pursue opportunities that present exciting challenges. You’ll work closely with clients on meaningful projects to create digital products that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Culture of involvement

We’re not defined by our job titles but by the impact we make. Everyone is encouraged and expected to step up, speak up and contribute in ways that make the whole company, our clients and our communities better.

Learning & growth

As lifelong mentors and mentees, we take every chance to stretch ourselves and each other. Nerds often say they learn more in their first six months here than in years elsewhere. However you see your career shaping, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Room for life

We all do better when we all do better. On and off the clock, quality of life for our Nerds is something we never take lightly. Our benefits and perks allow for flexibility and healthy well-being so that you can enjoy your best life.

The core values of Nerds

Take ownership and act

Step up. Simple as that. We’re empowered and expected to take a chance, take the initiative, and look for opportunities to drive our client’s business forward. So, we show up each day and give it our best shot.

Explore and innovate

A sense of adventure, an openness to change, and a passion for innovation aren’t just for wild-haired inventors. We learn, adapt, stretch, and are curious — all in service of growth for the team and our clients.

Do what’s right

Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. It’s the bedrock. The foundation. And with that comes the promise of upholding our commitments, earning the trust of our clients, and working in the best interests of one another.

In it together

No one does it alone. The collective strength of our ideas and our belief in shared accountability is what drives success — for ourselves and our clients. So we invest our time and energy in partnerships, in collaboration, and in having each others’ backs. Because together, we’ve got this.

The benefits of becoming a Nerd

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Remote and hybrid work options

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Modern workspaces

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Flexible PTO

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Generous parental leave

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Comprehensive benefits plan

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Wellness programs and interest groups

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