Digital Platform Engineering

Digital platform engineering services that foster innovation

Isolated systems are more than a nuisance; they’re a blockade to efficiency, a barrier to customer satisfaction, and a drain on your bottom line. Our digital platform engineering services turn data silos and solitary applications into streamlined digital platforms — helping you enhance collaboration, improve scalability and accelerate insight-driven decision-making.

Digital platform engineering: architecting the future of your digital platform

We combat application siloes through modernization, migration, and integration, helping enhance user experience and business viability. Learn how each of our core services contributes to a more connected digital platform.

Boost your digital development with deep industry expertise

Our expertise blends high-tech, experience design and strategic finesse, tailored to breathe life into your digital platform aspirations. Here’s how we deliver:

Digital platform engineering diagnoses

Diagnosing the disconnected

We dive deep into your existing systems, pinpointing gaps and misalignments. It’s not just about finding flaws; it’s about uncovering potential.

Digital platform engineering strategic blueprint

Digital platform strategic blueprinting

Armed with insights, we craft a roadmap for digital platform engineering that aligns technology with your business goals.

Digital platform engineering solutions

Digital platform engineering solutions

Our toolbox is brimming with cutting-edge solutions. From platform reviews  to custom software development, we’re all about pushing the digital envelope.

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Digital platform engineering architecting

Our designs are made for seamless integration, making your digital ecosystem a symphony of synchronized operations.

Fast-track generative AI services

Future-ready frameworks

We provide digital platform engineering for tomorrow, ensuring your digital infrastructure can grow with your business goals.

UX XD icon yellow

User experience (UX) and experience design (XD)

Our UX and XD experts prioritize a human-centered approach to ensure your digital presence connects, supports, and propels users forward.

Digital platform engineering improves business performance


Investing in custom software to streamline operations and automate tasks can improve productivity by 20-30% on average*


67% cite bad experiences as a reason for churn**


90% of users have stopped using an app due to poor performance***

*A future that works: Automation, employment, and productivity, McKinsey & Company
**What’s the Best Way to Train Your Customer Service Team?, Salesforce
***State of Mobile 2023 report by

Digital platform engineering that fosters innovation

Our digital platform engineering is a meticulous blend of innovation, integration, and intuition. Here’s how we make the digital transformation happen:

Digital platform engineering precision

Digital platform engineering

We evaluate your unique needs to identify the data and applications that will become the backbone of your digital platform.

Digital platform engineering integration

Digital platform integration

Our digital platform engineering breaks down silos. We ensure every digital asset can communicate, creating a unified and intuitive user experience.

generative AI services analytics


We embed sophisticated analytics into your ecosystem, turning data streams into actionable insights and continuous improvement.


Security at
the core

Trust is non-negotiable. We fortify your digital domain with robust security protocols, safeguarding your data and maintaining your customers’ confidence.

Digital platform engineering continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Our approach is built for agility and adaptability, ensuring your ecosystem evolves with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Digital platform engineering: visualize your personalized process

Digital platform engineering architecture

Architecture diagram

Visualize your digital platform’s structure, components, and guiding principles with an architecture diagram. Our digital platform engineering helps you design and plan for your platform’s future state by illustrating the following areas: 

  • System components
  • Connectivity and integration 
  • Data flow 
  • Security measures
  • Scalability
Digital platform engineering roadmaps


Once your architecture is defined, our digital platform engineering focuses on crafting the action plan. Here, we set measurable outcomes that guide the implementation process. We then align the corresponding timelines with how you work and your business objectives.

Key deliverables in this phase include: 

  • Identify key objectives 
  • Phases and timelines 
  • Key performance indicators

Nerdery’s ability to translate our vision into product has instilled the confidence that we could tackle any project with them and their ability to communicate with our existing customers to discover needs and pains has helped sharpen the product even more.

— Ryan Holland, Owner, Real Sportscards

Case Study | Developing a digital e-commerce platform improves cost efficiencies by 10-20%

E-commerce digital platform engineering


Real Sportscards, a prominent national retailer of sports cards, faced the challenge of transitioning from a third-party e-commerce platform to a more autonomous and scalable solution. Their goal was to develop a platform tailored to their unique business needs, emphasizing efficiency, user-friendliness, and scalability to propel their next growth phase.


To achieve this, Real Sportscards partnered with Nerdery for their digital platform engineering expertise, covering everything from rapid prototyping to technological implementation. Within just six weeks, this collaboration led to the creation of “The Uncommon App” — a custom-built e-commerce platform designed to enhance event hosting efficiency and improve overall user experience.


The launch of The Uncommon App had a significant impact on Real Sportscards’ operations and financial performance:
  • Increased operational efficiency: By converting four labor hours into livestream revenue-generating hours each day, the company streamlined its operations, leading to more productive use of time and resources.

  • Cost reduction and revenue growth: The new digital platform enabled Real Sportscards to achieve an estimated annual cost reduction of 10-20%. Moreover, it was pivotal in boosting the company’s revenue by approximately 25%, marking a substantial step forward in its financial growth and market presence.

Partnership that magnifies your capabilities

Choosing Nerdery extends your services and expertise, providing access to digital platform experts with over two decades of ideation experience. You also benefit from partnerships with the biggest names in technology.

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