Web Application Development

Elevate your digital presence with web app development

Dive into a world where accessibility, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology converge. Whether it’s custom eCommerce platforms, SaaS functionalities, or UI component libraries, our engineers harness two decades of deep tech expertise to transform complex processes into full-featured web applications.

High-quality web app development

Bring digital experiences to life. Our web application development is rooted in modern techniques and languages like Drupal, always aiming to create experiences that captivate and connect. From responsive designs enabling universal accessibility to progressive web applications that redefine user interaction, our work is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Architectural and technical ingenuity

Build your web applications on a solid technical design and code architecture foundation. We employ contemporary architectural patterns and proven processes to transform complex business challenges into scalable, flexible solutions. Our web app development steers away from purely theoretical solutions — focusing instead on leveraging architectures that are robust, practical, and ready to evolve with your business.

Reliable and performant code

We work towards reliability before applications reach production. Our web app development uses multi-step automated testing methodologies to guarantee reliability, scalability, and performance. Testing strategies are comprehensive and range from API-level assessments to end-to-end UI examinations.

Expertise and innovation

Our capabilities blend deep technical knowledge in major web technologies such as React, Angular, and Vue and their supporting libraries. But it’s not just about the tools; it’s about how we use them. From crafting engaging interfaces to deploying solutions that break new ground, our team has the depth of experience to adapt to your needs.

Leverage our value-focused web app development

Our unique blend of expertise, innovation, and customer-first philosophy helps us adapt our approach to how your team works — guaranteeing that every web application we craft progresses you toward your business goals. Here’s how we use web app development to deliver unparalleled value:

User Centered Design icon yellow

Increased user engagement and satisfaction

By leveraging the power of data and user analytics in our web app development, we deliver custom, intuitive and engaging web applications that are market fit.

Fast-track generative AI services

Rapid deployment and scalability

We align our processes with your business needs to develop web applications that quickly provide business value and make an impact in the market.

Digital platform engineering integration

Advanced integration

Make your web app a cohesive part of your broader digital platform, using integration strategies to enhance functionality without disrupting your current operations.

Digital Product Consulting Support

Dedicated support and maintenance

After deployment, we remain committed to your success, offering ongoing support and maintenance for optimum performance and continued application evolution.

The state of web app development


70% of users will abandon an app because it takes too long to load*


Investing in custom software to streamline operations and automate tasks can improve productivity by 20-30% on average**


Only 9% of users will stay on a mobile site or app that doesn’t satisfy their needs***

*Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile, Google
**A future that works: Automation, employment, and productivity, McKinsey & Company
***Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile, Google

Collaborative, agile, and impact-driven

We champion an iterative web app development process, engaging various stakeholders to deliver alignment and transparency. Our methodology isn’t just about following trends; it’s about setting them — utilizing AI and cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of the curve.

User Centered Design icon yellow

Enhanced user engagement

Our web applications are designed to increase user interaction, driving higher engagement and satisfaction.

Digital Product Consulting Process

Operational efficiency

We use web app development to streamline processes, which translates into cost savings and improved productivity for your business.

customized solutions

Market adaptability

Our custom web applications empower your business to adapt swiftly to market changes, helping you stay competitive and relevant. 

A solution-orientated team, focused on doing what’s right and in perfect alignment with our project’s aspirations, standards and operational excellence.

– Next Digital Program Lead, Google Cloud

Case Study | Elevating sales by 22%: The power of building a user-focused e-commerce site

Global Life Sciences Case Study


A Global Life Sciences Company faced a critical challenge amid the pandemic. With the demand for healthcare products and pharmaceuticals skyrocketing, their e-commerce platform was faltering — high cart abandonment rates were a glaring sign of poor customer experience and significant revenue loss. The need for a robust, user-friendly web app platform had never been more urgent.


The company chose us for our track record in e-commerce platforms and deep understanding of their technology stacks. Our solution? A ground-up redesign of their e-commerce platform. Our web app development team crafted a user-centered design, prioritizing ease of use and efficiency. They also comprehensively tested and optimized the platform for scientific organizations to streamline their ordering and tracking processes.


The results were transformative. The new e-commerce platform revolutionized the customer purchase workflow, drastically reducing cart abandonment rates. Within six months, the company exceeded its annual e-commerce sales target, tripling it and generating a staggering $1.4 billion in revenue — a 22% increase in growth. This case is a testament to how a native web app development in e-commerce can drive growth and customer satisfaction in the demanding healthcare sector.

Partnership that magnifies your capabilities

Choosing Nerdery extends your services and expertise, providing access to digital platform experts with over two decades of ideation experience. You also benefit from partnerships with the biggest names in technology.

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