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Streamlining to One Digital Platform

Streamlining 70 Brand Websites Into a Central Digital Experience Platform

Purina, known for its high-quality pet products, had a global portfolio of 70+ brand websites built on different technologies. This slowed down time-to-market and made scaling impossible. They partnered with Nerdery to build back-end functionality and streamline the sites. Purina is now equipped to achieve economies of scale.


Streamlined 70 websites into a single, easy-to-use platform


95% Reduction in security scans


Successfully migrated all 70 legacy sites within 5 months

We knew this was the right strategy, but these results have well exceeded expectations…and it isn’t even the full picture – scanning efficiencies, more frequent releases, the use of many off-the-shelf contributed solutions, as well as global support…the engagement is certainly setting the course for the organization and getting recognized for it.

— Purina’s Senior Digital Product Owner

Achieving faster product launches through platform modernization

Overview of work

Within five months, Nerdery’s team replaced unmaintained legacy solutions with a Drupal content management system (CMS) supported by Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

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This digital experience organizes their consumer data and analytics, advances SEO strategies, and reduces technology and data governance costs.

Additionally, it provides strong security and efficient workflow controls so the Purina marketing team could easily make updates to the sites and create new on-brand experiences without needing development support. What was a months-long content updating process, now enables their teams to quickly create online experiences based on industry regulations and market opportunities. Nerdery also created new features for Purina’s customers, such as:

  • Interactive ingredient sourcing map
  • Product recommendation chatbot
  • Web augmented reality experiences
  • Management of new product trials
  • Content syndication for web and mobile applications

Exceeding customer expectations and business goals

As their primary customer engagement and marketing tool, it was critical to align Purina’s brand websites to meet consumer needs and grow their brand – so that’s what we did. Building the back-end functionality and streamlining the sites created a modern, central platform for Purina. Its management costs, security risks, and time to market are significantly reduced thanks to the platform’s ease of use. By unifying their disparate websites into one, this also benefited their SEO rankings and data collection.

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