User Experience and Design Services

Empathy-driven, outcome-focused user experience and design services

Craft digital experiences that resonate with users and drive meaningful outcomes. Our user experience (UX) and design experts blend empathy and a radical focus on human-centered design, transforming your digital presence to connect, support, and propel users forward.

Prioritizing empathetic experiences in product development

Our user experience and design services prioritize people, embodying a human-centered approach every step of the way. By blending user experience with best-in-class strategic design, we ensure your digital products and platforms go above and beyond to consistently stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Strategic Design Services

Our strategic design approach helps you prioritize design in line with development to ensure digital products and platforms have the human-centric experience that makes them attractive and highly relevant.

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User research

Guide design decisions with in-depth user insights that deliver a more personalized and relevant user experience.
platform precision

Product design

Craft end-to-end solutions that align with your business outcomes, from ideation to execution.

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Visual design

Merge creativity with functionality for compelling, on-brand designs that strengthen your market presence.

Leverage strategic visioning and roadmapping to align digital products and platforms with broader business goals and create long-term impact.

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Experience strategy​

Leverage strategic visioning and roadmapping to align digital products and platforms with broader business goals and create long-term impact.

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Data-driven design​

Turn user feedback into actionable design strategies that keep design relevant and effective in improving user engagement.

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Harness quick visualization and testing of design concepts, speeding up the time-to-market. Additionally, cross-platform design helps you deliver a consistent and seamless user experience across all devices.

Designing UX for humans while delivering business success

Make every design decision a step towards elevating your market position. Our philosophy is simple: design for humans, and success will follow. By prioritizing user needs, we create intuitive, seamless user experiences that reduce customer acquisition costs and bolster retention. With our data-driven digital product and platform design, you get solutions that anticipate user needs — driving both human and business outcomes.

Designing UX for humans

Investing in user experience makes financial sense


90% of users have stopped using an app due to poor performance*


Every dollar invested in UX brings $100 in return**


Companies with top design practices experience 2x faster growth than the industry benchmark growth rate***

*State of Mobile 2023 report by
** The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX, Forrester
***The business value of design, McKinsey

Our agile and insightful approach to user-centric design

Our design methodology isn’t just a process; it’s a promise. We commit to a journey that’s agile, insightful, and always user-centric. Here’s how we make design magic happen:

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Business context and user needs at the core

Every design begins with a deep understanding of your business and user needs.

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Iterative and collaborative

We believe in evolving designs through continuous feedback, guaranteeing every iteration is better than the last.

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Design thinking and rapid prototyping

Our toolbox includes creative problem-solving and quick visualization of ideas, swiftly turning concepts into tangible prototypes.

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Ongoing usability testing

User feedback is our compass, guiding us to refine and perfect the design.

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Agile and lean UX methodologies

Adaptable and efficient, our processes ensure designs appeal to the market and deliver real impact.

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Cross-disciplinary collaboration

We work hand-in-hand with strategy, data, and engineering experts to provide holistic, impactful outcomes.

A solution-orientated team, focused on doing what’s right and in perfect alignment with our project’s aspirations, standards and operational excellence.

– Next Digital Program Lead, Google Cloud

Case Study | Revitalizing a pet adoption app’s user experience

Pet Adoption app case study image


A major division of a global pet food conglomerate worth $11 billion was grappling with an underperforming consumer app. Plagued by a disjointed customer experience, the app’s dismal 2.8 App Store rating mirrored its missed revenue marks.


With a decade of triumphs in user-centric design, we did more than identify the flaws in their user experience — we listened, learned from their data, and connected the dots. By diving deep into the data insights, we delivered a research-driven, technology-refreshed overhaul that bridged mobile and desktop to provide a seamless user experience.


The transformation was dramatic and rapid. Within a year, the app’s rating skyrocketed to 4.7, daily users surged to 20,000, and the app not only hit but exceeded pet food sales targets, spurring growth across other pet care products. Nerdery’s intervention didn’t just polish their app; it revitalized their business.

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