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Product Visioning

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Focus on user, market and business needs

Developing a clear vision helps teams focus on what matters the most while also leaving room for meaningful innovation. Nerdery weaves together market and user insights, along with your expertise, to define a vision that orients and informs the work around building a product your users will love.

Starting with visioning unifies your approach and strengthens strategic roadmaps—driving a bias toward action. When we align on what success means and communicate our goals, it sets the product up to achieve long term results.

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How it works

Nerdery works with organizations to shape and validate ideas based on these core visioning activities:

  • Competitive and user needs assessment
  • Visioning workshop
  • Concept Refinement and vision delivery

Starting with a user research, business intake, and competitive scan sprint, we incorporate our findings on the current and desired experience into short, intensive workshops. In these tailored sessions, participants will be engaged in a hands-on product visioning process that will help them unlock their creativity.

Competitive and User Needs Assessment

  • Define research objectives, approach, user recruiting criteria, and outcomes
  • Develop discussion guide, set up research logistics, and recruit respondents
  • Conduct user research
  • Synthesize key insights
  • Define personas and current user journey
  • Competitive market inspiration scan
  • Audit current data

Visioning Workshop

  • Intake research finding
  • Identify user needs and opportunities
  • Draft vision and OKRs
  • Define KPIs 
  • Identify and prioritize potential experience features against opportunities
  • Select key flow for conceptual wireframing
  • Appraise recommendations from data governance

Concept Refinement and Vision Delivery

  • Package final workshop outputs 
  • Define business case
  • Evaluate data strategy
  • Create conceptual wireframes
  • Finalize product framing readiness assessment

Product visioning outcomes

By relentlessly focusing on and meeting the needs of consumers, Nerdery helps our clients compete, differentiate, and grow. The value of visioning includes:

Build a solid business case

Having an idea is one thing, developing a clear insights-based plan that gets the actual work going and everyone onboard is another. Visioning shortens these timelines, builds the case for business investment and sets teams up for success.

Align leadership and product teams

Articulating your vision to bring people, ideas, and processes together is paramount. Visioning produces clear goals and objectives, so you’ll be able to break through potential barriers and sidestep silos to create meaningful and impactful products.

Differentiate with exceptional CX

An insights-led approach helps spark innovative ways to delight your customers. Customer experience best practices, plus user insights that leverage consumer, market, and competitive intelligence, come together to reinforce you’re on the right path with your product.


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