Product Visioning

Empower innovation with an industry-leading product vision

A clear product vision is essential for guiding teams and fostering innovation. At Nerdery, we combine market insights and user needs to create a vision that fuels the product creation journey. Product visioning ensures that every step is aligned with user desires, leading to a valuable and profitable digital product.

Turn your product vision into reality

Nerdery partners with organizations to refine ideas through immersive user research, competitive analysis, and dynamic workshops. This approach unlocks creative potential, resulting in a robust, user-centric product vision that stands out in the competitive landscape. We accomplish this through three core product visioning activities.

Competitive and user needs assessment

Competitive assessments identify opportunities for differentiation and areas where businesses can capitalize on market gaps or improve their product vision, while user needs assessments ensure that products and services meet customers’ expectations.

  • Define research objectives, approach, user recruiting criteria, and outcomes
  • Conduct user research
  • Synthesize key insights
  • Define personas and current user journey
  • Competitive market inspiration scan
  • Audit current data

Visioning workshop

Product visioning articulates a clear, compelling picture of what the product aims to achieve in the long term, ensuring alignment among stakeholders and focusing efforts on delivering value that meets market and customer needs.

  • Intake research findings
  • Identify user needs and opportunities
  • Draft vision and OKRs
  • Define KPIs 
  • Identify and prioritize potential experience features against opportunities
  • Select key flow for conceptual wireframing
  • Appraise recommendations from data governance

Concept refinement and vision delivery

Concept refinement is the polishing and adjusting of the initial product vision based on feedback and research, ensuring it’s innovative and executable. And vision delivery brings the refined product concept to life while maintaining alignment with the original product vision.

  • Package final workshop outputs 
  • Define business case
  • Evaluate data strategy 
  • Create conceptual wireframes
  • Finalize product framing readiness assessment

Product visioning that builds stakeholder support

By relentlessly focusing on and meeting the needs of consumers, Nerdery helps clients compete, differentiate, and grow. The value of visioning includes:

Product visioning can help you build products your users love


Implementing digital technologies can move progress toward company goals by 22%*


Investing in custom software to streamline operations and automate tasks can improve productivity by 20-30% on average**


67% cite bad experiences as a reason for churn***

* Deloitte: Uncovering the connection between digital maturity and financial performance
**A future that works: Automation, employment, and productivity, McKinsey & Company
***What’s the Best Way to Train Your Customer Service Team?, Salesforce

Nerdery’s ability to translate our vision into product has instilled the confidence that we could tackle any project with them and their ability to communicate with our existing customers to discover needs and pains has helped sharpen the product even more.

— Ryan Holland, Owner, Real Sportscards

Case Study | Developing a digital e-commerce platform improves cost efficiencies by 10-20%


Real Sportscards, a prominent national retailer of sports cards, faced the challenge of transitioning from a third-party e-commerce platform to a more autonomous and scalable solution. Their product vision’s goal was to develop a platform tailored to their unique business needs, emphasizing efficiency, user-friendliness, and scalability to propel their next growth phase.


To achieve this, Real Sportscards partnered with Nerdery for their digital platform engineering expertise, covering everything from product visioning to technological implementation. Within just six weeks, this collaboration led to the creation of “The Uncommon App” — a custom-built e-commerce platform designed to enhance event hosting efficiency and improve overall user experience.


The launch of The Uncommon App had a significant impact on Real Sportscards’ operations and financial performance:

  • Increased operational efficiency: By converting four labor hours into livestream revenue-generating hours each day, the company streamlined its operations, leading to more productive use of time and resources.
  • Cost reduction and revenue growth: The new digital platform enabled Real Sportscards to achieve an estimated annual cost reduction of 10-20%. Moreover, it was pivotal in boosting the company’s revenue by approximately 25%, marking a substantial step forward in its financial growth and market presence.

Build internal momentum for industry-leading digital products

Product visioning is the cornerstone of innovation and market dominance. It’s not just about creating a product; it’s about pinpointing high-value opportunities and garnering stakeholder support to make it a reality. Here’s what a clear and compelling product vision delivers:

Strategic alignment

A shared product vision ensures every team member pushes in the same direction, towards a unified goal — translating into streamlined efforts and amplified impact.

Customer loyalty

By anticipating the future needs of their customers, businesses can develop solutions that resonate deeply, fostering loyalty and advocacy.

Competitive edge

Product visioning sets you apart, turning potential market disruptions into opportunities for growth and differentiation.

Innovation culture

Product visioning inspires a culture of continuous innovation, where ideas thrive and the status quo is always challenged.

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