Nerdery and Google Cloud Partnership

As a Google Cloud partner, we build and deploy resilient applications on the Google Cloud Platform.

Unbeatable infrastructure, platform capabilities, and industry-specific, innovative solutions

Beginning in 2016, Nerdery and Google Cloud have forged a robust partnership. The partnership has been united by a shared focus on bringing 10X thinking to exceeding customer goals with transformative technology. Together, we offer unbeatable infrastructure, platform capabilities, and industry-specific, innovative solutions to drive your business forward.



Years of exceeding client goals with transformative technology


Over 40 collaborations with ambitious, forward-thinking clients

We work closely with you to create a cloud infrastructure that meets your current needs and can grow with you in the future.

What you get from Nerdery and Google Cloud partnership

Together, Nerdery and Google provide you with an outstanding foundation for all your digital endeavors. Contact us to learn more about our partnership with Google Cloud.

  • Modern Infrastructure solutions and implementation
  • Leading Data Platform modernization
  • AI/ML and GenAI models deployed within VertexAI
  • Data and Analytics
  • End-to-end cloud services
  • Innovative and collaborative approach
  • Accelerated digital transformation
  • Smooth integration with your systems

A solution-orientated team, focused on doing what's right and in perfect alignment with our project's aspirations, standards and operational excellence.

— Cam MacIntosh, Lead Digital Experiences, Google Cloud

Case Studies | Google Cloud

Image of the Arizona State Flag waving in front of a building

Arizona Dept of Agriculture: Leading AZ to the Cloud

We partnered with Google Cloud and Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA), to assess, plan and roadmap its IT modernization. Under the State’s “Cloud First” mandate, AZDA engaged Nerdery to assess their current applications and business needs to provide a modernization plan. Our roadmap and recommendation gained AZDA the approval from the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting for a $2 million modernization budget to execute the plan.

Global Pet Food Finder Data Analysis

Nerdery had successfully built an application that algorithmically tells a user the most nutritionally sound pet food for their pet’s individual needs. Now the challenge was to leverage the data and insights to improve the algorithm to better serve users. They needed a partner to intake, model, design and implement data-backed improvements to the logic. Together, Nerdery and Google Cloud defined and implemented multiple datasets in BigQuery to gather data from the user inputs and the feedback provided while using the app. We also set up data transfers to pull in purchase data and product reviews from third parties— structuring an integrated model in BigQuery with insights visualized in Data Studio. Together with our client’s data science teams we aggregated learning models based on historical and live data feeds, and implemented A/B testing scenarios with improved logic algorithms.

This solution has provided more than 2 Million pet food recommendations to end-users this year, and feedback associated with the recommendations shows that users purchase their top recommendation at a rate that exceeded set KPIs.

Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA)

Our client needed to replace a proprietary learning management system (LMS) while maintaining the application across usability, performance, and infrastructure considerations. The current solution was experiencing performance issues — making daily use and conversations about scaling difficult. They also desired a tool to support real-time, multi-user chat during learning sessions.

Together, Nerdery and Google Cloud implemented compute instance template groups to support load balancing and health checks on a WordPress site built with an LMS plugin to revamp and modernize CCAoA’s legacy infrastructure and services. We built a live chat module using Firebase, cloud storage buckets for media storage and distribution, and Filestore as a network file share. The new modernized LMS platform supports learning pathways and certification management for hundreds of public customers. Performance and stability issues have improved greatly, scaling for peak usage scenarios, improving trust from end users. CCAoA stakeholders can now focus on product enhancements rather than maintenance and operations tasks, and now have an audit framework that supports iterative future improvements.

Global Health Provider: Child Mental Health

Our client was looking to create a new Cloud-based child mental health focused digital product.

We partnered with Google Cloud to enable the rapid deployment of product applications using CI/CD in a data and machine learning focused environment. By leveraging Cloud Run, Cloud Armor, and cloud storage, we were able to create a standard 3 tier application in their production environment, and deploy a custom digital product in the Cloud.


Mother consoling a young boy who is looking sad

Google Next Digital Platform

Google’s annual Next event unites the global Cloud community, fostering knowledge-sharing, solution-building, and hands-on exploration of cloud services. Since 2016, Nerdery has crafted engaging experiences for attendees worldwide. In partnership with Google Cloud, we seamlessly integrate live chat, virtual meeting rooms, customized playlists, and streaming video sessions into a web application powered by GCP App Engine. Leveraging the power of Firebase authentication, Firestore real-time DB, and seamless integration with a third-party event platform, we create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact.


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