Insights and Analytics Consulting

Insights and Analytics that anticipate your industry’s digital future

In an era where data is king, insights and analytics consulting is the key to creating digital products and platforms your customers love. By leveraging advanced analytics, you can uncover hidden patterns, predict market trends, and understand customer behaviors more profoundly.

Sparking business growth with data intelligence

We’re architects of the digital age. Our mission is to propel businesses into tomorrow’s market today. We merge market intelligence, consumer insights, and technological excellence to anticipate digital trends to help you innovate and stay ahead of your competitors.

Market intelligence

Dive beneath the surface with Nerdery’s insights and analytics consulting to get to know your competitive landscape and market audiences while uncovering white space opportunities. We synthesize observations, field studies, and in-depth analyses to tap into the factors driving industry performance — enabling you to capitalize on market opportunities that support business growth.

Consumer intelligence

Our approach to customer intelligence links user expectations, behaviors, and preferences to critical actions, such as purchasing decisions, application usage, and adoption rates. By combining ethnographic research with advanced analytics, we transform your data into a clear roadmap, guiding product desirability and market fit. This ensures that your offerings truly resonate with your target audience.

Product intelligence

We employ in-depth usability tests and business analytics consulting to refine and optimize your product, helping you uncover problems and learn about user behavior. These insights are crucial to iterative development, helping us ensure that each version is improved and more intuitive than its predecessor. Use insights and analytics to identify improvement opportunities and turn product excellence into a competitive advantage.

Tackling today's digital challenges

Markets evolve rapidly, and consumer preferences shift overnight. Staying ahead requires a constant pulse on the dynamics of your customers and the competitive landscape. Our insights and analytics blend qualitative and quantitative methodologies tailored to your unique business and research objectives. Our goal? To create digital products, experiences, and platforms that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Outcomes and deliverables: Empowering your digital transformation

Transform your business outcomes with insights and analytics that redefine your business landscape:

  • You’ll gain a market landscape overview that informs and guides your strategic decisions.
  • Our consumer insights go beyond outlining personas, vividly bringing your customers to life, and sculpting your product’s journey from concept to reality.
  • Our product intelligence service is more than a report — it’s a blueprint for continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.
Insights analytics consulting

Unlock your potential with insights and analytics


90% of business data is unstructured*


Organizations that leverage customer behavior data to generate insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin**


68% of Chief Data Officers want to improve the way they use data and analytics***

*IDC white paper: The untapped value of unstructured data
**“Behavioral economics,” Gallup,
*** Deloitte 2022 Chief Data Officer survey

Excited about the insights you’ve uncovered, there is a lot to unpack here.

– UX Principal Designer, Healthcare Technology Company

Case Study | Hy-Vee: Revolutionizing Retail with Nerdery

Hy-Vee, a grocer with a rich 100-year history and ambitious expansion plans, chose Nerdery to reimagine its technology landscape. Our mission? To synchronize their sprawling digital presence, from physical aisles to online shopping and beyond, using insights and analytics. The result? A seamless, unified user experience built in under a year, catapulting Hy-Vee into a new era of retail excellence.

Hy-vee Case Study

Impressive Metrics, Tangible Impact:

  • Loyalty. A staggering 91% of new app users activated loyalty cards, up from only 25% of activated loyalty cards.
  • Deal engagement. Users adding deals to their shopping lists surged by 96%, with deal conversion rates more than doubling – all thanks to our enterprise API.
  • Loyalty program. The “Fuel Saver Plus Perks” program witnessed a 20% surge in usage. We streamlined the onboarding process, making it 17 times faster.
  • Pharmacy refills. Pharmacy refills soared by 25% post our workflow enhancement

Hy-Vee’s digital journey proves you can redefine the retail experience by leveraging insights and analytics to get more from your data.

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