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Global Life Sciences Company Case Study

Increasing e-commerce revenue by $1.45B

A global life sciences firm faced high cart abandonment rates on its e-commerce site. Nerdery used our expertise in user-centered design, development, and e-commerce platforms to create an innovative solution. We launched a user-friendly platform, allowing scientific organizations to easily order and monitor supplies. As a result, cart abandonment rates decreased and sales received a substantial boost.


22.4% growth in e-commerce sales


$1.45B in total revenue increase


Tripled annual e-commerce sales in six months

Removing roadblocks across the purchase process

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the need for healthcare products and pharmaceuticals was at an all-time high, a global life sciences company continued to see high cart abandonment rates on its e-commerce site.

Because of our longstanding partnership, understanding of their existing tech stack, and expertise in user-centered design, development, and e-commerce platforms, the company knew Nerdery could help find a solution.

We designed, tested, developed and launched an innovative, easy-to-use new e-commerce platform that allowed members of scientific organizations to order and track supplies easily — reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing sales.

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A seamless digital experience, enhancing site response times and navigation​

To better understand the user experience, we conducted an extensive site audit that revealed several opportunities for improvement, including slow page load times, limited mobile capabilities, and a less-than-ideal front-end application that led to high cart abandonment rates. Based on those insights, we determined the company didn’t need to create a new platform from scratch but rather find ways to optimize and build on its existing e-commerce platform.

Along with the technical improvements, we added several features, such as product ratings, reviews, and self-serve order status, to help customers feel more confident in their purchasing decision.

The Result​

Thanks to the platform’s improved customer experience and purchase workflow, their cart abandonment rates dropped dramatically. As a result of customers’ ability to browse and order products more easily on any device, the company tripled its annual e-commerce sales goal in six months, delivering $1.45 billion in revenue (22% growth).

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