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Designing an Efficient Data Pipeline

Designing a Data Pipeline for Efficiency and Consistency

The commercial digital division of a leading MedTech company had several strategic initiatives impacting the same users on the same data sets. Yet, they were planning solutions with disconnected technologies and processes. They engaged Nerdery to design a commercial platform to support exceptional, consistent experiences across value chains with enterprise-grade, domain-centric building blocks.


Improved team efficiency by breaking down data, process and technology siloes


Organized information flow from backend data sources and front end customer interactions


Boosted confidence in the reliability of organizational data

Nerdery was key in helping us define our global technology strategy; the expertise and approach they brought to the table was invaluable.

— Medtech Client

Getting users access to data they need​

With a large, complex set of medical device inventory data and several intricate strategic initiatives underway, our client needed an objective review of their digital ecosystem to create an enterprise architecture blueprint. They found that sales representatives were spending up to two hours a day reconciling data in records in preparation for meeting with their customers. Additionally, there were instances in which the medical device inventory data was replicated eight times, with each endpoint having its own version.

We first assessed their information flows and digital tools to address these challenges by conducting working sessions, then provided recommendations based on findings. From there, we constructed an enterprise architecture blueprint, including specific recommendations for inflight projects, technology investments and software selection.

Through working sessions, technology evaluations, and an objective review of the commercial digital technology ecosystem, we created a centralized, tiered data architecture with associated recommendations for each data area, platform, and technology and a roadmap for operationalization.

The result

Collaborating closely with our client, we developed a comprehensive set of technology, data and platform recommendations with an accompanying roadmap based on a full review of the commercial digital technology ecosystem. This ensured that our client’s users could utilize the same pipeline of data despite the technology or system they were using to display it – enabling their data to be more consistent, accessible and efficient.

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