Designing Desirability

Designing Desirability: How to create compelling customer experiences



Digital Solutions Consultancy

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How to create compelling customer experiences

Successful digital products are the ones that people return to again and again — products that understand what users want and help them meet their goals

In fact, brands that prioritize UX and customer experience can generate nearly six times more revenue than those that don’t. By leading with empathy, leaning into data and focusing on human and business outcomes, you can design products that are easy to use, highly functional and engaging.


Chris Cobb, VP of Design, Nerdery


Donald Chestnut, Chief Experience Officer at General Motors
Angela Pan, Design Manager at 3M
Joe Williams, Former VP of Design, UnitedHealth Group

Key takeaways:


  • How to balance user needs with business objectives
  • How to achieve a competitive advantage by ensuring you stand out in a cluttered marketplace
  • How to create ongoing user feedback loops across the product
    strategy, design and implementation phase
  • How to communicate the value of insights and design

The Panelists

Donald Chestnut
Chief Experience Officer, GM

Angela Pan
Sr. Design Manager, 3M

Joe Williams
Vice President of Design, UnitedHealth Group

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