Real Sportcards Launches New Custom Card Trading Platform Uncommon



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The application, launched this week in partnership with Nerdery, expands the user experience of “card breaking” to welcome more sports card collectors to events

MINNEAPOLIS – Feb. 16, 2023 – Nerdery, a premier digital product consultancy, partnered with Real Sportscards, a national collectible sports card retailer, to create a custom digital trading platform to help the industry leading business achieve its next stage of growth.

Real Sportscards sells collectible sports cards and has popularized the concept of “card breaking,” where collectors can purchase fractional shares of sealed cases and boxes of sports cards which are then opened live online for them to watch. To ensure the best possible experience for their rapidly growing customer base, Real Sportscards wanted to build an improved, customized and flexible platform to bridge the gap between the strength of community on social media and the transactional side of traditional marketplaces.

Nerdery worked with Real Sportscards to envision, validate and build the customized technology application that the Uncommon app is hosted on. Collectors can now watch card breaks, claim cards they want to purchase, and engage with the card-breaking community, all within the secure platform.
In the past, the amount of time spent on administrative and manual sales limited the number of hours that Real Sportscards could be live and generating revenue. By automating much of these responsibilities for break hosts, the company anticipates reducing 2023 operating costs by 10-20%, while increasing the number of revenue-generating live hours by 30-40%.

Screenshot of Uncommon App in use

“We were thrilled to partner with Real Sportscards to help bring their vision to life,” said Meghan Stiling, Chief Digital & Operating Officer for Nerdery. “With Real Sportscards’ reputation as an innovator in the card-breaking space, collectors and breakers alike have quickly latched onto the product to purchase cards and to host their own breaks.”

“We appreciate Nerdery’s collaboration in helping to envision and deliver a custom platform that will create an improved experience for our users and customers,” said Ryan Holland, CEO of Real Sportscards. “We are excited to share the first release of Uncommon with our dedicated users and to welcome new collectors to join us in the exciting world of card breaking.”

Nerdery will continue to partner with Real Sportscards to understand how users engage with the app and will work together to evolve and continuously improve the platform to ensure it is a best-in-class experience.

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About Nerdery

Nerdery is a premier digital product consultancy with depth of experience in strategy, design, technology and engineering, helping clients across a range of industries become fully digital. Nerdery works to transform companies’ digital capabilities by designing and developing digital products and programs that connect them with their customers to outperform their competition in today’s digital world. Much more than consultants, they are allies for the digital transformation journey — a collection of strategists, designers, technologists and proud “Nerds,” who are united around a vision of relentlessly inventing a world that works better for all. Nerdery was founded in 2003 and has offices in Minneapolis, Chicago and Phoenix. Find out more at

About Real Sportscards

Real Sportscards is an industry leading retailer of sports trading cards and has achieved significant industry recognition, recently as a finalist for 2022 America’s Best Card Shop and winning Breaker of the Year awards in 2019, 2020, and 2021. With two modern brick & mortar retail stores in Champlin, MN and Waupun, WI and a large online retail presence, Real Sportscards strives to provide a family-friendly and inclusive environment that is exciting for sports fans of all ages and backgrounds. Real Sportscards was founded as a side-hustle in 2016 and is a great example of turning a side hustle passion into a thriving business.

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