Process and FAQs

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Nerdery's hiring process

Step one

Meet with a recruiter

The first step is a recruiter review covering an introduction to Nerdery, high level details about the opening and beginning the conversation to see if the opening is a fit. We aim to keep our process short, thorough, and extraordinary for you.

Step two

A technical interview

In this step, you’ll meet with 1-2 of your potential Nerdery team members. If applicable for the role, this step may also include a skills assessment.

Step three

A behavioral interview with your potential manager and/or other more senior Nerds

The goal is to make sure they have an informed picture of you as well as giving you a chance to gather all information needed for a decision.

Typically feedback is provided within 24-48 hours following your final interview. On occasion our process can vary from role to role; you will learn more about the interview process in the recruiter review phase of our process.

A Nerdery recruiter will be your guide throughout this process providing information, addressing any concerns you might have, answering your questions on all things Nerdery and assisting you with onboarding should you decide to become a Nerd.


Nerds in the US, located across 25 states and our Nerdery Global Network


Years in business


Percent of all Director level Nerds and above that are women


From day one here, I've experienced a culture that tends to look at people as equals. We're all Nerds here. The company has traditionally felt reasonably flat, even though it has its fair share of hierarchy. It's a great feeling to be able to schedule a meeting with the CEO and feel heard.

– Nerd in the Engineering Department


To put it simply: Nerdery has fully embraced remote work. We have a hybrid work environment with many fully remote employees across the U.S. Don’t let your location hold you back from applying.

If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area or surrounding communities, there is an option to work from the Nerdery office in Edina, from home, or a bit of both. Nerds in MN are encouraged to choose the work location that works best for them.

And while almost all of our roles are open to remote candidates, there may be an occasional role that has a specific location requirement due to a particular business need. In that case, the location would be listed within the role description or requirements.

The bottom line: We believe Nerds are capable of great work regardless of where they are located.

You may have picked up on this already from researching a role at Nerdery, but working at a consultancy is a perfect fit for someone with strong problem solving and communication skills who’s looking for a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.

Nerds have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and with a wide range of clients. And the work they do has a clear and direct impact on helping these clients achieve their business goals – and hopefully a Nerd’s career goals as well.

Consultancy work has so many unique benefits, but it’s not without its challenges here and there. At times the work is high pressure and requires longer days. While this certainly isn’t every day (Nerdery consistently receives high marks from employees for its dedication to work-life balance), it’s important to understand that there will be times when teams work more than 40 hours a week to get their projects to a successful outcome.

At Nerdery, one of the core values is “In it Together.” Nerds are renowned for stepping up with their teams and getting the work done. That’s part of the consultancy experience and we’re proud of it.  

Personal connections have always been a huge part of Nerdery culture. And why wouldn’t it be? Nerds enjoy nerding out with other Nerds.

We not only bond through our work, but beyond. We share learning and growing experiences, like book clubs, guilds, and cohorts. We share our hobbies and passions, including pets, gardening, wellness, games, anime, sports, art, horror movies, and many more. (If you can think of it, there’s a decent chance there’s a Nerdery Slack channel for it.) We also share through teamwork and activities, like Pentathanerd, Scavengenerd, and the Zombie Outbreak fitness challenge.

And lastly we connect through recognizing each other and our own individual talents, interests, and achievements. One scroll through the Slack channel #shoutouts and you’ll feel the commitment Nerds have to each other. 

Nerdery is a digital product consultancy, and at the core of that is the “product mentality.” This mindset helps us create products that are customer-focused, adaptable, impactful, and continuously improving. Why? Because this leads to better outcomes for our customers, teams, and ourselves.

A true product mentality requires Nerds to have a deep understanding of their client’s customer’s needs, desires, and pain points, and a commitment to meeting those needs with  (and here’s where the fun comes in) innovative and high-quality solutions.

Along the way, this mentality reduces time-to-value creation, helps us embrace change, obsess over our clients’ customers, and is wholly outcome oriented.  

Nerds always have a willingness to experiment, learn, and change based on feedback from customers and data. Collaboration, cross-functional teamwork, and recognizing that successful product development requires input from a variety of perspectives are just three parts of the product mentality process that Nerds value.

Simply put: completing tasks or meeting deadlines isn’t the focus; it’s delivering the right product and the right experience to our clients’ customers. Each and every time. That’s the product mentality at Nerdery. 

We’re psyched you’re interested and would love to stay connected with you, too. The easiest way is to sign up for our monthly newsletter. We’ll keep in touch and you’ll get a chance to see what’s going on around Nerdery.

Want to do something a bit more formal, but not necessarily applying to one of our openings? Apply to our “General Nerdy Interest” position and you’ll get your info and resume on file with our recruiters.

As Nerds, we believe that we’re never finished learning, and that’s why we’re committed to constant, consistent growth as people and professionals.  

Nerdery has well-mapped-out career paths that are designed to take you down the road of leadership, subject-matter-expertise, or even guide you to a completely new position if that’s where your Nerdery career and interests takes you. There’s always room for advancement at Nerdery; and we frequently promote from within.  

As far as developing your skills, Nerdery creates space and structured opportunities to pursue functional excellence, develop skills, and learn new ones. Because life-long learning is such a focus, we offer tuition reimbursement for a wide variety of qualifying courses, conferences, and workshops.

At Nerdery, promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) at all levels of our organization is a central pledge. We believe that diversity of thought, experience, and background is essential to creating a strong and innovative workforce, and the best outcomes for our clients. 

We are dedicated to creating a workplace culture that is welcoming and inclusive for all employees, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or ability. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

To support our commitment to DEIB, we have established an employee-led, executive-sponsored committee aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our organization. This committee develops our annual areas of focus and initiatives, identifying and leading actionable improvements, and supports celebration and education.

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