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Nerdery and Databricks

Nerdery and Databricks partnership logos

Together, Nerdery and Databricks are delivering powerful, impactful data solutions to help companies stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As a Databricks partner, we bring together expertise and technologies to help organizations unify their analytics across the business, data science, and data engineering domains.

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What you get from Nerdery and Databricks partnership


Fully managed, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure for data analytics and AI


Easy integration with existing data architectures, from ETL pipelines to machine learning applications


Unified Analytics platform to help companies foster collaboration across data teams, gain insights, enhance productivity, lower costs, and accelerate innovation

Nerdery + Databricks unlocks new potential in the digital transformation journey of our clients.

This partnership is a testament to our focus on driving faster, broad-scope innovation, improved collaboration, and widespread predictive analytics use.

Case Study

Developed a compliance and data platform for a multinational medical device and health care company

Nerdery and Databricks partnered to develop a compliance and data platform for a multinational medical device and health care company. In the following two years we have taken the platform concept and applied it to other areas of the client’s business, allowing them to ingest and streamline data from multiple disparate sources.

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