The Acceleration of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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By David Nickelson

VP of Client Growth — Healthcare


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Prior to COVID-19, the digital transformation of healthcare operations was moving at a slower pace than almost any other industry. Budgets, regulations, technology and interoperability stymied efforts to develop and deliver the digital experiences patients are now demanding. As healthcare organizations moved to set up and use connected, consumer-facing virtual care delivery, many realized that they needed to prioritize and accelerate their transformation efforts to better meet customer expectations, or risk being left behind their competitors. 

In Nerdery’s May 28, 2020 virtual session of Nerd Therapy, we examined the effects of the pandemic on the velocity of change in healthcare operations — from rapid API integrations, expedited and automated data analysis that inform real-time operational decisions, to the shift in patient and provider technology in clinical decision support and care delivery. The panel of experts weighed in on digital strategies to make the most of the reduced barriers, new demand and fast pace of change through and following the pandemic. Watch the session highlights below.

Stephen P. Whiteside, Ph.D., L.P., Child Psychologist, Mayo Clinic
Melissa Person-Ashforth, Senior Director, API Integration and Digital Ecosystem, CVS Health
Rick Hornstrom, Head of Cloud Sales for Healthcare Key Accounts, Google Cloud
Justin Richie, Data Science Director, Nerdery

Host and Moderator:
Meghan Stiling, Enterprise Architect, Nerdery

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