Are you ready for AI/ML?

Assessment: Are you ready for AI/ML?

Andy Friedl

Andy Friedl

Principal Data Architect

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So you want to start using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

That’s great! But before you start running models, you need to make sure you can walk first (see what we did there?).

In preparing for AI/ML, one of the first steps is to conduct a data assessment to evaluate the quality of your data and its ability to produce accurate models. While it may not seem mission-critical, it will help you to understand:

  • Desired outcomes for your data
  • How it will be managed
  • How it will be stored
  • Who has access
  • Which KPIs will be measured

This infographic is a bite-size version of a data assessment and will detail what steps to take to be ready for AI/ML.

Download the PDF assessment for some prompts to help you determine if you’re ready for AI/ML.

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