Nerdery Hires VP of People Operations

Nerdery Hires Rachel Alm as VP of People Operations



Digital Solutions Consultancy

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Alm to lead Nerdery’s award-winning culture and hiring strategies

Nerdery, a premier digital product consultancy, announces the addition of Rachel Alm to its leadership team as vice president of People Operations. Alm brings more than 12 years of leadership and human resources experience across numerous industries to the position.

As head of People Operations, Alm is responsible for cultivating Nerdery’s talent growth strategy and continuing to support and enhance Nerdery’s positive working culture. These initiatives will include driving performance through data insights, employee reward programs and employer branding strategies.

Image of Rachel Alm Nedery's VP of People Operations sitting in the Nerdery common space

“Rachel will have a significant impact on the future of this company. Her ability to nurture new employee relationships and maintain a highly engaged culture is the perfect complement to Nerdery’s vision and values and ultimately supports our mission to deliver exceptional digital products.”

Before joining Nerdery, Alm led comprehensive employee development programs and talent acquisition strategies at Sportsdigita, emphasizing innovation, scalability and growth. Prior to Sportsdigita, she held a number of human resource-related roles, including several leadership positions. Throughout her career, Alm has adopted a holistic approach to human resources ​​一 focusing on employee empowerment rather than handbooks and policies.

“Going into 2022, there are significant opportunities to evolve and enhance remote work culture and talent growth. I believe that Nerdery can and will meet the needs of today’s job seekers while continuing to successfully engage our current employees in meaningful ways that positively impact their growth and sense of fulfillment.”

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Nerdery is a premier digital product consultancy. Much more than consultants, we’re allies on your digital journey — a collection of strategists, designers, technologists and proud “Nerds,” who are united around a vision of relentlessly inventing a world that works better for all. Our experience is rooted in technology and engineering, and we design to serve everyone. We work alongside our clients to understand their goals and build digital products that transform business, create enduring customer connections and elevate the human experience. 

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