Digital Transformation – So What?

Digital Transformation’s “So What?” Moment

Derek Chin

Derek Chin

Director of Strategic Innovation

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Change is hard; digital transformation is harder… to understand.

Nerdery has led dozens of digital transformation engagements for clients in a wide variety of industries. Whether healthcare, retail or manufacturing, each of these transformation initiatives took a unique form. It’s one of the reasons so much confusion exists around the term.

So, what exactly is a digital transformation?

First, let’s define what it’s not.

IT’S NOT the optimization of an existing digital product, service or model

IT’S NOT another integration or implementation

IT’S NOT just another IT project

IT’S NOT one thing

IT’S NOT the goal

The manifestations of digital transformation are great in number, a collective and complementary legion, all with a similar objective to build a business that thrives.

For example, and not limited to, digital transformation may be one or more of the following…

  • The adoption of modern systems
  • The maturation of operational efficiencies
  • The transformation and addition of business models
  • The impact of innovation, creation of value propositions and solutions
  • The entrance into new markets and partnerships driving growth and demanding scale

Whatever the form, it’s always custom to the opportunity ahead and always a combination of things that complement one another driving value for the business and value for the end user, the goal.

And it’s always transformative from the inside out.

Digitization of your business changes it fundamentally and permanently. It changes how you engage with your teams, your customers and how they experience your business in turn. If done right, it can exponentially change your company’s financial and market position.

It’s a big deal — that largely explains how the term has become part and parcel of today’s business zeitgeist. All aspire to be so bold, laser focused on impact, adaptability and executional excellence — running the game and speeding to market.

Nerdery has been there, working hand in hand with our clients to help them develop and deliver their digital transformation visions. Our hands-on experiences have taught us key lessons on what can make (and break) a major digital transformation.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll share some of our hard won best practices and client success stories through this blog. We’ll start with transformation insights supporting a leadership approach driven from the office of senior leaders in technology and business.

Next, we’ll focus on what leaders can do to set the right expectations for a successful digital transformation.

Until then, we want to hear your interests, learn about your aspirations and share our perspectives from past and present projects.

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