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Building successful digital products

When developing a digital product, most imagine a website or app and work to execute it and call it a day. But a true digital product is a consumer-facing technology solution that enhances the lives of those who use it and works toward achieving specific goals or desired outcomes.

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The digital product development process

To some extent, almost every business is a tech business. We’re not the first to make that assertion. Whether in retail, manufacturing or healthcare, businesses around the world are using digitally enabled solutions that deliver value to the people they serve. The key to their success is not just what they deliver, but how they operate. Growth-minded companies focus on outcomes instead of outputs – ensuring what they deliver achieves a desired objective and delights their customers.

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What is a digital product?
What is a digital product?

A digital product is a technology solution that enhances the lives of those who use it and works towards helping them achieve specific goals.

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Product Owner’s Handbook
Product Owner’s Handbook

Your guide and roadmap for developing successful digital products and supporting sustainable product teams.

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Developing digital products using the product methodology

We can’t always predict what’s going to happen in the market five years, one year, or even six months from now.

That’s why many are moving away from a traditional project methodology to digital product methodology. The product methodology provides a more fluid and adaptable process for delivering more frequent releases and allows you to pivot directions based on user feedback from each release.

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Learn how to incorporate the product methodology into your development process and set your teams up for success.

KPIs for digital products

The biggest difference between project and product methodologies is speed to value. Under the product methodology, success isn’t measured in outputs but in outcomes. Insights and upfront strategy development help provide value to your users much more quickly instead of waiting to gather feedback after a long product build and launch phase.

Both in validating a product and measuring its success, product owners and business leaders must be able to answer:

  • Does this product fill a need?
  • Does it benefit its users’ lives?
  • Do our consumers want it?
Driving a 30% increase in market share
Driving a 30% increase in market share

To compete, grow and realize its business potential, a national transportation and logistics company needed to find a way to digitize the communication gaps between truck capacity and customers.

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Developing an e-commerce platform – driving 10-20% cost efficiencies
Developing an e-commerce platform – driving 10-20% cost efficiencies

A national sports cards retailer and card-breaking company created a digital trading platform using existing software to prove their business model – a tool to sell cards and host unique streaming events.

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Power in product partnership

When product teams are able to work synchronously across strategy, insights, design and technology teams, they are able to operate more efficiently, increase speed to value, ensure a product meets user needs, and reduce risk overall.

At Nerdery, we work closely with your teams to ensure business outcomes are achieved, and you’re delivering a product your customers love.

Nerdery digital product development
Nerdery digital product development

Learn more about Nerdery’s product development services and how we partner with some of the world’s best brands to create great digital products.

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Product Owner’s Handbook
Product Owner’s Handbook

Use this guide to determine how best to support and structure your teams to deliver digital products to drive business outcomes.

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