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Product Optimization

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Successful digital products are never done. They’re optimized.

Change as a digital advantage

User needs, technology, and market forces are in a constant state of flux. That’s why you need Product Optimization to breathe new life into a product, to stay connected to your customers’ desires, and the changing needs of the market after initial launch.

Putting the user feedback loop to good use

By consistently analyzing user experience and product performance metrics, we uncover opportunities to improve the overall experience — keeping products useful and relevant over time. This insight-led approach informs future product roadmaps to successfully evolve and optimize products so they can outperform the competition.


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How it works

Our insights-led approach focuses on user feedback to inform your future product roadmap on an iterative cadence. We measure product and business success through the use of KPIs, data aggregation, and visualization techniques. We work to continuously develop and enhance the product through real-time user insights, reducing tech debt that interferes with providing the best end-user experience.


Optimization activities:

  • User Insights
  • Competitive/Market Insights
  • Usability Testing & Feedback
  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience Design and/or Visual Design
  • Mobile & Web App Development (new and existing features)
  • Quality Assurance & Automation

Because each product will be at a different stage in its life cycle, we start by reviewing the original business case and intended outcomes.

Understanding the original definition of success
Looking at how the product was positioned in the market
Learning what user needs were intended to be met

Product optimization outcomes

Exceptional CX

Spark innovative ways to delight your customers through user insights and customer experience best practices that leverage consumer and competitive insights.

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Competitive differentiation

Anticipate and meet customer needs to deliver a product that stands out from the competition.

More on strategy and innovation

Improved performance

By continuously analyzing user experience and product performance we can quickly uncover opportunities to strengthen the overall digital product experience.

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Risk mitigation

With data-driven insights, you’ll establish a clear and strategic path forward and ensure your investment in the product will perform as expected. And if the need to pivot arises, having these insights and mechanisms in place to measure success means less possibility of poor results.

Our approach to data driven insights 


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