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Global Life Sciences Company

Increasing e-commerce revenue by $1.45B

Nerdery jumped in to find where users hit roadblocks throughout the purchase process.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the need for healthcare products and pharmaceuticals was at an all-time high, a global life sciences company continued to see high cart abandonment rates on its e-commerce site. 

Because of our longstanding partnership, understanding of their existing tech stack, and expertise in user-centered design, development, and e-commerce platforms, the company knew Nerdery could help find a solution.

We designed, tested, developed and launched an innovative, easy-to-use new e-commerce platform that allowed members of scientific organizations to order and track supplies easily — reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing sales.

22.4% growth in e-commerce sales
$1.45B in total revenue increase
Tripled annual e-commerce sales in six months

What we did together

Insights + Analytics

  • Website audit
  • Current user journey map
  • Persona-based messaging framework

Strategy + Innovation

  • Business objectives and KPIs
  • Product roadmap
  • Product vision
  • Technology recommendations

User Experience + Design

  • UX friction
  • Experience gaps
  • User patterns
  • Conceptual designs
  • Experience  journey and architecture

Technology + Engineering

  • Product roadmap
  • Prioritization matrix 
  • Created e-commerce features and functionality
  • Increased speed and reduced latency issues

Overview of work

Together we designed a seamless digital experience, enhancing site response times and navigation to ensure higher user satisfaction.

To better understand the user experience, we conducted an extensive site audit that revealed several opportunities for improvement, including slow page load times, limited mobile capabilities, and a less-than-ideal front-end application that led to high cart abandonment rates. Based on those insights, we determined the company didn’t need to create a new platform from scratch but rather find ways to optimize and build on its existing e-commerce platform. 

Along with the technical improvements, we added several features, such as product ratings, reviews, and self-serve order status, to help customers feel more confident in their purchasing decision.

The result

Thanks to the platform’s improved customer experience and purchase workflow, their cart abandonment rates dropped dramatically. As a result of customers' ability to browse and order products more easily on any device, the company tripled its annual e-commerce sales goal in six months, delivering $1.45 billion in revenue (22% growth).