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Nerdery’s New Look: From Today to Your Digital Future

Adrian Slobin

Nerdery just recently announced the launch of our new brand. What does that mean? Well, not only do we have a new look and feel (check out the new website to see for yourself), but our branding now better reflects the progress we’ve made and our direction for the future.

Nerdery is a digital consultancy, but that’s not where we started back in 2003. We started out as expert craftspeople in engineering and agile delivery, and later added experience design and strategy – collectively dedicated to innovation – we started, in short, as Nerds. And we still are. But we are more than that, and have been for some time. We are also digital strategists, advisors and partners; sharing, learning from and teaching our clients on how to tackle the most fundamental problems in digital transformation: how do we create value from new business models, how do we leverage technology and design thinking to get there, and how do we get there as fast as possible.

What sets us apart, aside from our expertise and craft, is our relentlessness: we make our clients’ futures our singular focus, to make sure they flourish in those futures. We’re about making sure their investments live on, providing sustained value, well after delivery in market-leading pace.


What's in store for Nerdery

So as excited as I am to share our new branding with all of you, it’s really just the beginning. Again, have a look at the work we’re doing and the services we’re offering. But also expect us to introduce additional offerings over the next year as we continue to push ourselves to be at the forefront of what our clients need.