Provider and Healthcare Delivery Systems


Provider and Healthcare Delivery Systems

Digital Health With Purpose

In the past, physicians and patients didn’t demand high user-centricity. Now, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and they expect health organizations — from independent healthcare provider units to large integrated health systems — to do more to deliver valuable digital experiences.

Nerdery partners with healthcare providers (hospitals, health systems and integrated delivery systems) who are intent on infusing industry-leading experience with lasting technology, and linking business value creation with great design. Whether it is shoring up your virtual care platform to meet future demand, mapping and improving your patient journey, or implementing efficient digital solutions to optimize your revenue cycle and operations, you can deliver value where it matters most.


Provider and Patient Experience

Nerdery’s experience researching, mapping, developing and delivering unified digital healthcare journeys makes us uniquely suited to help you improve administrative, clinical and service-line experiences that ultimately enhance patient-provider relationships, drive behavior change and improve outcomes.

Virtual Care

Nerdery has extensive experience creating seamless patient and provider experiences — pulling distributed data and disparate platforms into smart, singular and intuitive interfaces that increase acquisition, engagement and loyalty.

Operational Efficiency and Revenue Cycle Management

Nerdery helps provider organizations leverage machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and automated processes to make the most of existing technologies, create better user experiences for critical administrative workflows, and generate business value in and across the full range of payment and reimbursement models.


“Nerdery has been a great partner with CaringBridge as we have started to modernize our platform to allow us to innovate faster to meet the needs of our users. We appreciate the long-term partnership and relationship.”
Mike Thyken,
CTO, CaringBridge

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