Healthcare Digital Solutions

Guiding Healthcare providers and medtech leaders

By taking a provider- and patient-centric approach, Nerdery partners with healthcare and medtech leaders to rise to a spectrum of business technology challenges — infusing industry-leading experience with lasting technology, and linking business value creation with patient needs and great design.


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Provider and Healthcare Delivery Systems

Whether it is shoring up your virtual care platform to meet future demand, mapping and improving your patient journey, or implementing efficient digital solutions to optimize your revenue cycle and operations, Nerdery helps you deliver value where it matters most.

Medical Device Technology

Headquartered in one of the most significant medical technology hubs in North America, Nerdery specializes in proof-of-concept prototypes, device and app/mobile software and interface design and development, healthcare ecosystem architecture and integration, and more.


“We wanted a partner who had the design and digital development skills, but most importantly someone who was going to sit across the table from us and figure it out with us and help us get to market quickly. We didn’t want a traditional consultant, but someone who was going to embed with us and treat this as if it were their own business, and that was Nerdery.”
Scott Weber,
Chief Marketing and Design Officer, M Health Fairview