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Driving Efficiency and Performance Through Digital


Consumer demand for transparency, personalized digital experiences and data security along with high expectations for delivery have placed immense pressure on retailers. Meeting these demands with customer-focused digital solutions not only drives sustainable growth but is necessary for survival in a competitive market.

Nerdery partners with companies that manufacture and sell products for consumer use to create transformative digital products and services that add customer value, drive revenue through data and differentiate your business from the competition.


Accelerating Digital-First Growth

A 100-year-old grocer with major plans to expand, Hy-Vee partnered with Nerdery to become a digitally-driven company in step with modern lives and expectations. Hy-Vee is known for a genuinely wonderful in-store experience. But digital was a different story. More than simply a new mobile app, they needed a unified customer experience across offerings that went far beyond grocery. That meant connecting disparate user journeys, updating numerous sites and apps, and putting their restaurants front and center in the digital experience.

Through a rapid planning and development process, we united many disconnected digital pieces into an omnichannel whole, guiding customers smoothly between the aisle, in-store restaurant, online shopping, and grocery delivery. The result: a fully modern seamless experience ready to shake up Hy-Vee’s current markets and break into new ones.


Driving Future Technology Forward

Our ongoing engagement with PING has strengthened its technology foundations to drive business, improve consumer relationships and ultimately, change the game of golf.

In less than six months, Nerdery put the energy of the brand into an award-winning new website, serving as the launchpad in creating new consumer interactions.

In parallel, we embedded across multiple work streams to lead a digital transformation with the goal of aligning people, processes and tools with business objectives. As part of our ongoing partnership, we have modernized systems, pioneered new services, promoted a collaborative technology community, and implemented best practices to help PING become a global leader in its industry.

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Platform Modernization

Nerdery platform modernization services provide a proven framework and the deep expertise needed to make decisions, increase velocity, and capture the value latent in your legacy systems. Nerdery also provides consulting and customer experience services to develop, test and build new B2B platforms, ecommerce marketplaces or other related systems.

Digital Product Development

Nerdery’s cross-functional teams combine deep expertise in strategy, experience design and development that help you to establish and foster your vision and market ambitions. We work with you to create a market-ready product and support you to ensure that your organization is ready to successfully launch, market and sell it. Whether it’s identifying adjacent experiences that could be monetized through digital, or conducting research and user testing for greater personalization, Nerdery propels your vision to market.

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