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Love What You Do

Everything about The Nerdery, as a company and a workplace, is built around nerdy needs - from our data-driven, streamlined processes to our cool, casual work environment and other refinements. Where is the love? Survey says it's here in abundance, as seen in our consistent ranking on best workplace lists.


As Co-Presidents, Nerds personify our belief in distributed leadership. More a responsibility than a right, Co-Presidential power harnesses the passion of engaged Nerds to positively impact clients' businesses.

If you're applying for any position with us or even just considering pursuing one of our openings, all of them come with the co-title of Co-President. Whether you're a Software Engineer, Account Executive, or an aspiring Nerd Experience team member, we want (and need) you to be a Co-President.

Our Core Values

We believe that passionate Nerds are the driving force behind business breakthroughs; our purpose is to redefine what's possible through technology. The two most important words of our vision statement, "We will be the best place in the world for Nerds to work," are "Nerds" and "work." You'll love them both.

Core Value - Push Boundaries Icon
Constantly Push Boundaries
Core Value -  Win By Empowering People Icon
Win By Empowering People
Core Value -  Solve Problems Pragmatcially Icon
Solve Problems Pragmatically
Core Value -  Integrity Icon
Integrity In All Circumstances
Core Value -  Be Humble Icon
Be Humble

Try before you apply

Join us for an introductory tour that doubles as an informational interview for curious, could-be applicants. See The Nerdery during normal working hours, then stay for BottleCap, our Friday happy hour/show-and-tell.
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