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Frozen Food Delivery Company

Reducing Accessibility Fail Rates

Woman cooking kitchen
Woman cooking kitchen

Making grocery delivery more accessible for everyone

For more than 70 years, a frozen food delivery company has worked to make delicious food that is convenient and accessible–and not just through cooking and storing food, but for purchasing and ordering as well. The company reached out to Nerdery to evaluate the level of accessibility of their website to ensure they can serve every single customer in the best way possible.

Quickly resolved 161 accessibility issues
Reduced accessibility fail rate to less than one percent
Helped increase organic search traffic through technical SEO updates
Family ordering groceries mobile phone

What we did together

Technology + engineering
  • Quality assurance testing
  • User experience
  • Inclusive design
  • Accessibility practice
  • Front-end development

Overview of work

Overview of work

The frozen food delivery client and Nerdery have developed a partnership that spans several years. We have maintained that partnership through frequent communication, constant collaboration, and relentless dedication to their business goals. Working side-by-side with their marketing and IT teams, Nerdery conducted a site accessibility audit to identify opportunities for improvement and establish any actionable next steps.

Overview of work

The result

Within two months…

Nerdery was able to dive into identifying 161 previously unknown accessibility issues and quickly resolve them with the client’s internal digital team.

These efforts helped improve technical SEO rating that elevates brands’ favorability and reduces their likelihood of penalties from Google.

In addition to resolving these issues, Nerdery established a foundation of accessibility practices and capabilities within our client’s digital and marketing teams so that future updates to their website consider accessibility from the start, ensuring a great experience for all users now and in the future.