Advancing IoT Experiences for Patients and Doctors


How can implanted devices take burdens off patients? A national medical technology leader asked us to help implement their reinvention of the experience for a device used to treat serious heart conditions. Powered by IoT and mobile technologies, the client’s product provided a meaningful impact on the users’ lives, freeing them to focus on the life ahead of them instead of the device inside them.


Customer Experience Strategy
Digital Strategy
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Interaction Design
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Agile Application Development
Digital Product Development
Native Mobile
Quality Assurance


Business Challenge

A life-saving innovation, our client’s implanted medical device monitors the hearts of individuals with slower-than-average heart rates. The client determined that its existing solution paired monitoring devices with old, expensive systems that were cumbersome for doctors, slow to transmit information, and tedious and time consuming for the users.

Strategy & Solution

With a focus on improving the users’ experience, we developed a mobile app following our client’s specifications that would interact with the implanted device to transmit heart and diagnostic data to the providers remotely.


Patient Friendly

The mobile app’s thoughtful design choices replaced a slow, tedious process with a mobile experience that’s seamless, easy and out of mind.


Know Right Now

The client specified that the IoT-enabled solution must automate data transmission so doctors could access data quicker and earlier with the goal of improving device users’ outcomes.

Documentation Greenlight

Per our client’s instruction, we thoroughly documented our software implementation for the client’s recordkeeping and FDA compliance needs.

Furthering Our Partnership

At our client’s request, we were then engaged by a separate division within the company to develop a new software app meeting the client’s specifications for another of its medical devices focusing on the problem of heart failure.