Delivering Innovative Digital Products to the Market Faster


Large, complex initiatives are often abandoned because they can’t move fast enough and can’t get to market. By intersecting strategy and technical expertise we assembled a hybrid team that charted the path to build and launch a product previously untouched in the telecommunications and cybersecurity industries — in less than 12 months. The end product helps businesses gain confidence that they’ve made the right security investments with an easy-to-digest 360-degree view of their organization’s security posture.


Customer Experience Strategy
Digital Strategy
Enterprise Architecture Strategy
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Application Development
Digital Product Delivery
Systems Integration
Quality Assurance


Business Challenge

Our client had multiple enterprise security products in the market already, but saw an opportunity to disrupt the cybersecurity industry as a whole with a solution unlike anything offered by competitors. The catch? Their teams could see the general direction they needed to go, but didn’t have a product development plan. They did know that if they waited until they knew what needed to be created, their competitors would beat them to market. They had to act now.

Strategy & Solution

We ramped up quickly and stepped into key leadership roles within the client’s program to consult on strategy, articulate the product vision and effect change for the organization as a whole. The final product put our client’s security solutions at the forefront of the industry during its debut at the 2018 RSA Conference, one of the largest information security events in the world, and also put our client 12-18 months ahead of competitors, who were overheard at the conference saying, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

The end product helps customers gain a robust picture of their company’s security posture through a three stage approach: an evaluation of an organization from an external viewpoint, an assessment of security vulnerabilities from within, and an in-depth review of security culture and processes that affect cyber risk.


“This is a tremendous show of teamwork, collaboration and a true agile mindset that I look forward to repeating and building upon as we go forward. I am extremely proud of this team”


Level 1: Outside-in assessment

An evaluation of organizations from an external viewpoint, the report evaluates external risk vectors to provide a risk score. This data is enriched with findings from the deep web and correlated with proprietary data from additional security reports.

Level 3: Culture and process assessment

Combine external and internal evaluations with an in-depth review of security culture and processes for true visibility. This level deploys automated tools coupled with human intelligence for a complete assessment.

Level 2: Inside-out assessment

The security rating is refined with an internal evaluation that automatically searches for malware, unwanted programs and more within endpoints and infrastructure. This asset-focused view provides further insight into data captured in Level 1.