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Simplifying Healthcare Through Patient-Driven Digital Experiences

Together, Nerdery and M Health Fairview launched GPHR, the organization’s consumer innovation studio.




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Healthcare is becoming increasingly consumer-centric as patients take more control over where, how and when they receive care. M Health Fairview sought to shift its digital patient experiences into something more meaningful. Through multiple initiatives (rebuilding key digital properties, creating a specialty referral tool and more), patients and providers are buffered from the complexity of healthcare systems and instead are provided an experience where their needs are anticipated and simplified.

“We wanted a partner who had the design and digital development skills, but most importantly someone who was going to sit across the table from us and figure it out with us and help us get to market quickly.”

— Scott Weber, Chief Marketing and Design Officer, M Health Fairview


With the improved experiences there is now simplicity and fluidity, allowing patients to find care more easily, providers to manage care more efficiently, and everyone to communicate more effectively.

Improvements to M Health Fairview’s digital front door have had far reaching and immediate impacts, with both patients and providers finding the experience to be more natural and intuitive.  GPHR’s efforts across service lines continue to build on these successes, including:

Increasing speed to market
Building its digital muscle
Measuring the ROI of an improved patient experience

Business Challenge

Even prior to COVID-19, healthcare systems were under pressure to generate cost savings while also improving consumer experience.

The majority of organizations were striving for best-in-class clinics, technology and medical care, but patient/provider experience — a hard-to-pin-down concept requiring wider collaboration — was often deprioritized. Knowing consumer-centricity would be their primary differentiator in the marketplace — especially during the coronavirus pandemic — M Health Fairview partnered with Nerdery to not only elevate the experience beyond medical care, but also lead a mindset shift within an organization that depended largely on legacy systems and processes.

Strategy & Solution

In launching the GPHR Consumer Innovation Studio, M Health Fairview and Nerdery’s goals were tri-fold:

Meet business objectives across service lines
Thoughtfully improve patients’ on-demand experiences
Impact culture and ways of working across the organization

With a foundation of trust and flexibility beginning with M Health Fairview’s C-Suite, Nerdery led a digital transformation through a variety of engagements that worked to unify a complex digital presence for both patients and providers.

M Health Fairview’s digital front door

From concept to launch in three months, the new digital ecosystem of mobile and web properties simplifies the patient experience of finding care, getting care, accessing billing and more.

Physician referral network

We launched a pilot cardiology referral program that is similar to a LinkedIn network for doctors.

Fairview.org corporate site

As part of our Phase 2 engagement, a rebrand and relaunch of the Fairview.org corporate site will consolidate a network of consumer, corporate and ancillary websites — uniting rural and urban digital presences across the web ecosystem.