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Meet Our Team

We are distributed across four cities and many homes but united as one through our values and beliefs.

At my company, people solve problems before I know they exist. They figure out how they can uniquely contribute to our vision – using their skills and talents – and they use their Co-Presidential freedom to put those passions to work for the greater good. They treat the company as if its success or failure reflects on them personally  – as if it’s their company – and that’s where the magic happens.” 

- Nerdery co-founder Mike Derheim, TEDx Talk

What is a Nerd?


Unified Nationwide

We’re no longer a handful of programmers working out of a small, dark room. We're 500 strategists, designers, developers, quality assurance engineers and business analysts. We solve problems. People come to us for our talent. We come to work to make positive impact for our clients. We build more than software; we build relationships and together we push boundaries. Nerds get the job done. We create outcomes. We are constantly growing our army of specialists within their practices.

The Nerdery Executive Team

The Nerdery Executive Team

Our diverse leadership team is committed making this the best place in the world for Nerds to work. As a team of co-presidents, we work together to create great strategy for not only our company, but for those we work with.

Meet Our Executive Team

Why We Exist

Our values are core to who we are. We talk about them here but they're demonstrated in our day-to-day interactions with our colleagues and clients.


As Co-Presidents, Nerds personify our belief in distributed leadership. More a responsibility than a right, Co-Presidential power harnesses the passion of engaged Nerds to positively impact clients' businesses. 

What Co-Presidency Means to Us

If you're considering pursuing one of our open positions, all of them come with the co-title of Co-President. If you want to join our team as a Software Engineer, Business Analyst, UX Designer or any other role, we want (and need) you to be a Co-President.  

We’d love to talk with you

Whether you are an aspiring Nerd or you’re considering working with us, we’d love to hear more. If you’d rather talk to a real human, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.
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