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Technology and Engineering

Code laptop technology woman at desk
Code laptop technology woman at desk

A solution-based approach to building reliable software

Your users, products, services, and market are unique and won’t always fit the mold of a single off-the-shelf digital product.

Nerdery’s Technology + Engineering Team takes a solution-based approach to build secure, performant software that is functional, reliable, and scalable. We do this by incorporating Technical Strategy, Cloud Architecture, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Testing services to deliver the best possible digital product.

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Our approach to technology and engineering

Starting with the goal
Building for the sake of building doesn’t help you or your customers. We design software solutions and technology roadmaps to help achieve your business goals.
Setting you up for success
While we’re always here to support you, we want you to support yourself. As you’re going through set-up and implementation, we’ll provide training and coaching to take the reins when you’re ready.
Doing what’s right for you
There is no such thing as one size fits all. Nerdery is a preferred partner for multiple vendors, so you’re not restricted to any one product or platform. Each solution is tailored to your needs.

Our expertise

01Technical Strategy

Technical Strategy defines the purpose and intent behind your systems, architecture, and software. Nerdery technical consultants and strategists help identify the current and future states of your existing systems and capabilities to help you achieve your business goals.


  • Technology Roadmap
  • System Capability Map
  • System Fit/Gap Analysis

02Mobile and Web Application Development

Best-in-class engineering customized to your needs. Nerdery’s architects and engineers have deep backgrounds in native and cross-platform development. They work closely with you to create a seamless digital experience for you and your customers, no matter how it’s accessed.



  • Custom Application Development
  • Custom UI Development
  • Custom API Development and Integration
  • Product Design and Architecture
  • Platform Selection
  • Native and Cross-Platform Development
  • Progressive Web App Development (PWA)
  • System and Data Integrations
  • Connected Devices
  • Accessibility
  • Application Modernization

03Cloud Architecture

The best way to ensure your applications are scalable and cost-efficient is through thoughtfully designed cloud architecture. To achieve your business goals, Nerdery technical consultants and strategists assess the current state and re-usability of your existing technologies before defining a future state architecture.



  • Manageable Cloud Platform
  • Infrastructure as Code Provisioning
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment Pipelines

04Data Engineering

The what, when, where and how your data is managed and stored. Our team builds cloud-first data platforms sized specifically for your needs and optimized to get the most out of your data.



  • Data Storage Design/Build (warehouse, lake or lakehouse)
  • Batch and Real-Time Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Pipelines
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Data Reporting

05Machine learning

Our machine learning process passes data through algorithms and statistical models, looking for patterns to inform solutions based on real-time forecasts and recommendations. Since our machine learning application is built around your data, it is unique and proprietary to your business.



  • ML Model and Interconnections
  • ML Algorithm Architecture and Documentation
  • Data-Based Model Training

06Web accessibility

Great products go beyond just checking the box on accessibility but incorporate best practices to ensure an exceptional experience for everyone. We test and analyze your content to ensure it is compliant, prevents SEO penalties, and can be enjoyed by everyone.



  • Assessment/Testing Engagement
  • Design Reviews
  • Remediation or New Product Engagement
  • Accessibility Training

07QA automation

Quality assurance (QA) Automation helps identify potential issues before an application is released quickly and efficiently. When part of a test strategy, it broadens the test coverage and enables us to go live with confidence.



  • Automated Test Suite
  • Supporting Documentation and Training (technologies, best practices, as required)

Technical specialties

Our engineers develop and deliver digital products and platforms using a wide array of core technologies. Code solutions are chosen to meet the needs of your specific project, and are leveraged to continuously create new value for your customers and your business.

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