KC Volunteers Recognized for Pro-Bono Work for Local Nonprofits at Web Challenge Awards

KC Volunteers Recognized for Pro-Bono Work for Local Nonprofits at Web Challenge Awards

Kansas City, MO, March 17, 2017 — The Nerdery and The Nerdery Foundation awarded the pro-bono work of volunteers serving nonprofits at the 2017 Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge in Kansas City. After the 24-hour nerdathon for nonprofits during the Web Challenge weekend of February 25-26, the volunteer web pros got some well-deserved rest as the judges assessed their work and the general public voted for the team they thought made the biggest difference for their designated nonprofit. Last night at The Nerdery, the teams and nonprofits showed each other their finished work at Web Challenge Awards Night, and Ginger Bucklin of The Nerdery Foundation handed out several awards.

For all that the four selected nonprofits do in the KC community – and for putting their faith and websites in the hands of relative strangers – The Nerdery Foundation thanks all of these NPOs and their respective teams of volunteer software professionals:

  • PrincipalsConnect, served by their team, 418

  • Centerview Food Allergy Management, served by their team, Danger Zone

  • Corey’s Network, served by their team, Hype Train

  • Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW), served by their team, Team Meme

To see before/after screenshots of each nonprofit’s website and read summaries of pro-bono work written by team captains and nonprofit leaders, visit http://www.nerderyfoundation.org/kc-2017-peoples-choice.

In addition to People’s Choice, top teams were also recognized by a panel of judges for Best Design, Greatest Functionality and Biggest Impact. The top prize remains bragging rights, and the gratification of nerdy deeds done in the name of community service.

Best Design: Hype Train for Corey’s Network

Greatest Functionality: Hype Train for Corey’s Network

Biggest Impact: Team 418 for PrincipalsConnect

People’s Choice: Hype Train for Corey’s Network

The Nerdery Foundation thanks these judges for visiting with teams and nonprofits during Web Challenge weekend and assessing what they accomplished in 24 hours:

  • Jeff Shackelford, Executive Director of Digital Sandbox KC

  • Ryan Weber, President of KC Tech Council

The Nerdery Foundation board members deemed a few other teams and individuals worthy of awards concocted in the wee hours and aftermath of Web Challenge weekend; they are:

  • Michelle Metje, Corey’s Network - Best poet: When asked to assess her team’s impact, Michelle (possibly) asked herself, “How can I best articulate my gratification? Plain prose? A proclamation? A raunchy limerick? A sonnet? A knock-knock joke? A haiku? No. Several haiku. Yes.”

  • Eric Spies - Best ice cream man: You pestered event organizers for days, dropped multiple hints about frozen dairy products and probably even lobbied Congress for ice cream. Your will was strong. Ice cream was provided. You made this happen.

  • Lazlo Renda - Best nap photo that needs no photo caption: We have photographic evidence of you next to a computer screen that said “No signal” while you were staring at the inside of your eyelids.

  • Zack Brown - Best busta (dance) moves: It wasn’t necessarily billed as a dance-off – moreso just an impromptu midnight dance party. But you brought it.

  • Justine Markowski - on Danger Zone - Best Nostradamus prize predictor: You wanted that prize and you called your shot – audibly predicting you’d win that sucker. Then you won that sucker.

  • Apratim Mishra - Shortest commute: With your home conveniently located across the street, you returned from a nap in your own bed in time to win a raffle prize and make this acceptance speech: “Cool. What is this?”

  • Team Meme - Best 360 view: For your team’s high degree of achievement in 360 degree photography – and well-rounded pictures of your team as you circled the clock.

  • Team Meme - Best infinitely relevant nerdy team name: Encompassing all memes and none of the memes, Team Meme says it all.

  • Team 418 - Best team name meme usage: Harkening back to error messages in the days of yore, or 1998: Error 418 – “I’m not even a computer; I’m a teapot.” Obscure, but still good – well played.

The Nerdery Foundation thanks sponsors Tradition Capital Bank, UES Consulting Services, Inc. (UES) and in-kind supporters Red Bull, Strategically Playful, Burrito Brothers KC, Planet Sub, Cosentino’s, Sarpino’s Pizzeria and Blue Esscents Candle Co.

The 2017 Web Challenge tour also includes overnights in Phoenix, Chicago and Minneapolis – more info at http://www.overnightwebsitechallenge.com.

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