The Nerdery Furthers its Evolution as Strategic Digital Consultants with Addition of Chief Strategy and Operating Officer Adrian Slobin

The Nerdery Furthers its Evolution as Strategic Digital Consultants with Addition of Chief Strategy and Operating Officer Adrian Slobin

The Nerdery today announced the addition of Adrian Slobin to its executive team as its Chief Strategy and Operating Officer (CSOO). With a long track record of building trusted partnerships with clients through a combination of strategic advising and strong delivery, Slobin joins The Nerdery after 17 years guiding SapientNitro (now SapientRazorfish) as the leader of its Midwest region, and most recently, North American head of business transformation services

“I’m here at The Nerdery because I see tremendous opportunity to bring craft and agility to the service of our clients’ businesses,” said Adrian Slobin, The Nerdery’s first CSOO. “As companies see their industries upended, they need a strategic partner who can help them see and build their digital future. In The Nerdery I see a nimbleness and depth of expertise that our clients are increasingly looking for. In the consulting marketplace today, it's about moving fast and making things happen, not plodding through standard ways of working. Fast companies are beating big companies. We believe we can be an accelerant for our clients' adoption of new, technology-driven products and services. We’ll create digital products and experiences that make people’s lives better than before.”

“We’ve pushed boundaries in the craft of software design and engineering since the company began in 2003,” said The Nerdery's CEO Tom O’Neill. “Over the past five years the nature of our work has changed dramatically. Through trusting relationships, we've earned the opportunity to lead many of our customers through some of their most strategic digital initiatives. The impact of our work has grown and we've learned a lot about leading through change. With this experience, we've also realized our own need for change. The work we're doing today requires a new level of strategy and consulting services.”

O’Neill added, “We're well known for our talented design and engineering teams — through this talent we're the envy of our counterparts in the technology consulting space. We have what our customers want: smart and passionate teams who can work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients on the most strategic initiatives. As we grow, we have an opportunity to lead the digital consulting industry as true craftsman. To do that, we need to have humility and embrace the changing needs of our customers and our business. While I've learned a lot leading The Nerdery over the past 12 years, I personally have more to learn about guiding strategic change at the level we're working at today. Adrian brings an added level of experience to help us capitalize on our opportunities.”

Slobin brings a passion for technology, leading strategic work and a passion for people that aligns with The Nerdery’s values and vision. With Slobin's leadership, The Nerdery will continue to build on its capabilities and method to lead strategic digital change, and will continue to engage its people in their craft, finding meaning and purpose through the impact delivered to clients and their customers.

Along with its leadership move, The Nerdery is continuing to invest in the team, building on strengths to better serve both clients and employees. “Our current and future clients need us to immerse ourselves in their businesses and lead, to help them push boundaries in their products and services to better serve their customers,” said Chris Locher, The Nerdery’s Vice President of Software Development. “People have come to expect technology will fit seamlessly into their lives. A lot of thought goes into digital products and services to make them seem simple to people who use them. We work hard on this stuff so consumers don’t have to.”

The Nerdery’s recent strategic partners include Hy-Vee, Medtronic, Purina, Best Buy, Chamberlain, AmericInn and Valspar.

“We have some great customers and will continue to focus on creating more strategic and valuable partnerships with existing and new customers,” said O’Neill. “To do so, we’ll focus on our customers’ outcomes. We must be agile to keep up with the changing needs of our customers. When connected to the client and the business opportunities we're in front of, our people know the right thing to do – and we'll empower them to do it.”

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