The Nerdery launches recruiting campaign to hire 100 Nerds in 100 Days

Nerd Drive gives escalating rewards to anyone referring a web pro they know

The Nerdery launches recruiting campaign to hire 100 Nerds in 100 Days

Minneapolis, November 1, 2012 – The Nerdery has its headquarters in Minnesota, where the unemployment rate is two percent below the national average –  but the jobless rate is miniscule everywhere among skilled web professionals. Bottom line: The Nerdery needs more Nerds – and eventually, maybe all of them. For now, The Nerdery is rallying the community at-large to support its Nerd Drive to hire 100 Nerds in 100 days.

Anyone referring a nerd they know will earn $100 if their referral gets an interview – and their referral bonus grows to $500 after their nerd has worked 90-days for The Nerdery. Much like a PBS member drive, thank-you gifts for supporters will escalate in value. Anyone who simply refers a nerd will be sent an “I Love Nerds” pocket protector; they’ll be rewarded with a mug if their referral follows through and applies for a Nerdery job.

With offices in Minneapolis, Chicago and Kansas City, The Nerdery has made Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing private companies in its first five years of eligibility, and has roughly doubled its staff and revenue almost every year since its founding by three programmers in 2003.

“It’s relatively easy to go from 10 to 20 Nerds, and harder still to grow from 100 to 200, and then 200 to 400,” said Nerdery co-founder and CIO Mike Schmidt. “Hiring a hundred more in as many days is an audacious goal. If we don’t get there it won’t be for lack of trying, or real business need – but it may be because we’ve held firm to our own admittedly finicky hiring standards. We’ll see.”

As a growing developer-driven interactive production company, The Nerdery pursues its vision to be the best place in the world for nerds to work – and it’s working, according to staff surveys published by Biz Journal, Star Tribune and Minnesota Business mag. The Nerdery furthers its core value, “Win by Empowering People,” by giving every Nerd the co-title of Co-President:

“Our Nerds quickly build prolific portfolios of interactive wonders, including websites, mobile apps and social media – and they work and play with hundreds of other creative characters,” said Nerdery CEO and co-founder Mike Derheim. “We hired 163 Nerds in 2011, and we’ve added 190 so far in 2012. Even so, 100 Nerds in 100 days are ambitious numbers, but we’re an ambitious company. We're never not seeking interactive talent, but our Nerd Drive is our recruiting moonshot.”

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The Nerdery partners with creative minds and big thinkers to engineer and execute their interactive projects, including websites, mobile and social media. At The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, volunteer web professionals have freely given about $2.5 million in professional web development services to 84 nonprofit organizations.


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