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As Azure has continued to grow, Nerdery has continued to support the demand of our clients with digital solutions and cloud services. Microsoft has enterprise agreements with 90% of Fortune 500 companies, making Azure cloud procurement a ready choice.

how we help

Azure App Service

With the Platform-as-a-Service capabilities of Azure App Service, our clients are able to focus on providing business value quickly and confidently. Azure App Service isn’t just for .NET: PHP, Python, Node.js, Java and more are all also easily hosted in Azure.

GitHub + Azure DevOps

With Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub, it’s easier than ever to procure enterprise level DevOps tooling, whether GitHub or Azure DevOps (formerly known as Team Foundation Server). Nerdery works in the language, tooling and platform ecosystems of your choice to quickly iterate on the delivery of your digital product.

Azure Functions

At the forefront of cloud-native architecture, Serverless (or Function-as-a-Service) enables you to shed operational overhead, massively scale your microservices and pay for compute only when it’s actively used – down to the millisecond.


Nerdery architects are available to deep dive with you on Microsoft’s guiding tenets of architecture excellence.

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Client StorY

As part of our ongoing partnership with PING, we embedded across multiple work streams to lead a digital transformation with the goal of aligning people, processes and tools with business objectives. A significant component of meeting this goal was a cloud migration of legacy systems to enable resilience and scalability, boost security and lower expenses.