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Scaling the Google Cloud Next Conference Platform

Scaling a live conference platform to tens of thousands of simultaneous users isn’t easy, unless you know who to call. Our Google Cloud architecture coupled with our award-winning user experience and development ensures attendees have a great experience no matter which Google Cloud Next conference they’re attending. Google powers some of the most intensive peak workloads in the world, and is easy to set up and run with end-to-end security. Google Cloud Platform is a completely integrated storage, data, machine learning and analytics platform that will help accelerate your business growth, allow for adaptability, and achieve greater operating efficiency at every turn.

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Google Kubernetes Engine

Google invented what evolved into Kubernetes, the most popular solution to orchestrate and operate containerized workloads. GCP offers one of the most frictionless managed Kubernetes experiences on the market.


APIs are key to the future of your modernized platform, and Apigee can route requests to the compute target of your choice — whether that’s cloud functions, containers on Kubernetes, virtual machines, or even the legacy on-prem system (during your cloud transition period) — all while adding rich logging, monitoring, caching, throttling and scaling capabilities.

Cloud Functions

At the forefront of cloud-native architecture, Serverless (or Function-as-a-Service) enables you to shed operational overhead, massively scale your microservices and pay for compute only when it’s actively used — down to the millisecond.


“[Nerdery offers] a solution-orientated team, focused on doing what’s right and in perfect alignment with our project’s aspirations, standards and operational excellence.”

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Client StorY

Serving 1.2 million people a week and 300,000 distinct users a day, the Poetry Foundation website was reaching the end of its ability to scale by buying bigger hardware. Nerdery migrated the suite of services, applications and infrastructure into a set of containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, delivering a new platform that auto-scales to meet demand, deploys with the press of a button, and significantly improves monitoring and observability.

Client Story

Child Care Aware of Minnesota (CCA of MN) is an organization that provides many beneficial solutions to families and child care providers. One of their major platforms offers child care providers an online learning management system (LMS) called Eager to Learn that gives providers the choice to leverage instructor-led or at-your-own-pace (Anytime Learning) training and certification options. The legacy LMS was beginning to see substantial utilization growth and CCA of MN partnered with Nerdery for an updated, scalable platform that could better serve its tens of thousands of users. In addition to modernizing the LMS, leveraging GCP provides CCA of MN with scaling capabilities for the increasing demand for online certification and training for providers.