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For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with our customers to accelerate digital launches through Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services while scaling their own cloud competencies and processes for a self-sustainable future. Supporting your digital business strategy, Nerdery AWS certified architects and engineers deliver a custom and comprehensive path to the cloud, guide adoption of appropriate AWS resources and convey the benefits of cloud-native design to modernize your platform and ensure operational and experiential excellence.

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Leveraging the Infrastructure as Code tool of your choice (CloudFormation or Terraform), we codify your unique AWS architecture into auditable deployment templates that enable you to effortlessly scale across environments and regions.


At the forefront of cloud-native architecture, Serverless (or Function-as-a-Service) enables you to shed operational overhead, massively scale your microservices and pay for compute only when it’s actively used – down to the millisecond.

API Gateway

APIs are key to the future of your modernized platform, and Amazon API Gateway can route requests to the compute target of your choice – whether that’s Lambda functions, containers on Kubernetes, virtual machines, or even the legacy on-prem system (during your cloud transition period) – all while adding rich logging, monitoring, caching, throttling, and scaling capabilities.


In four simple steps (select workloads, complete questionnaire, review scorecard, and receive credit) we’ll help you produce stable and efficient systems using the five pillars for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems in the cloud.

Operational Excellence
Performance Efficiency
Cost Optimization

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When facing the daunting task of exiting their existing co-location facilities and instead going all-in on AWS, GPS Insight tapped Nerdery to ensure the success of the endeavour.

Our cloud team worked directly with GPS Insight engineers to validate their migration strategy and educate them on the new technology options they could rapidly provision and experiment with in AWS. This included working across teams to explore new ways of packaging application deployments via Docker, and how to support those workloads in production scenarios on AWS.


Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC), a leader in immunization informatics, was facing challenges transforming from a packaged software to a SaaS delivery model. They engaged Nerdery to kickstart their DevOps transition and align technology deployments with business demands.

We assisted with internationalization of their core applications to unlock new revenue streams. We reduced their time to market by reducing handoffs between development and QA organizations through testing automation.