Level up your legacy

Many organizations operate on legacy systems that still function but underperform. The challenge is determining what you should keep, extend or replace to make the most effective investments. Nerdery platform modernization services provide a proven framework and the deep expertise needed to make decisions, increase velocity and capture the value latent in your systems.

How We Help

Develop Roadmap

Develop a Roadmap

With over a decade of experience dealing with legacy systems, we understand the pitfalls and will design a solution based not just on theory but on practice. Through strategic planning, experience audits and architectural assessments, we deliver a blueprint to modernize what you have without starting over. 


Refactor the Design

Often, the problem isn’t with the underlying system but with how it is being used. By mapping your customer journey and designing the right solution, we put a new front-end on your existing platform and help you unlock value lying dormant.

Enable Apis

API-Enable Legacy Platforms 

Nerdery was founded on the proposition that not every legacy system needs to be torn down. By API enabling legacy applications, we modernize your tech stack, capture more value and expand services while leaving the underlying platform in place. 


Replatform Legacy Systems

When a system has outlived its utility, it is time to tear it down and build something new that can take you forward. With targeted identification and replatforming of specific underperforming applications in your systems, we address bottlenecks without disrupting operations.

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Client Stories

Our partnership with a leading manufacturer of golf equipment included migrating its existing data infrastructure to a more sustainable Microsoft SQL Server-based data infrastructure to take advantage of cloud-native technology solutions. With a long-term transactional enterprise ERP database solution, the client is now able to adapt more quickly to changes, improvements and additional systems that are needed in the future. Finally, API-enablement further prepares their stack to be integrated into the rest of the enterprise.