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Need Accessibility Updates? Use the Content Accessibility Guide.

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Accessibility is on all of our minds more and more these days. There are plenty of reasons to prioritize accessibility—from legal and ethical considerations and user experience side effects to surprising SEO benefits—but many content teams don’t know where to start.

Nerdery’s Content Accessibility Guide provides an approachable-yet-detailed handbook for creating and maintaining content that works for everyone. The guide includes a checklist that could be integrated into a content audit or governance plan, some tips on planning for accessibility, and in-depth instructions for following each content accessibility guideline.

For businesses, making your digital presence accessible is crucial to ensure strong customer relationships. In fact, when you make your content and site more accessible, your customer satisfaction can increase by up to 95% and retention can increase by 5%.

Making your content accessible doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We recommend planning your improvements in incremental and bite-sized changes. For example, is your content hard to understand for a customer who’s experiencing a cognitive impairment? Simply focus on making the language more readable. Is your website hard to read in broad sunlight due to glare? Work on increasing the color contrast of your font. Do your customers live in an area that has slow internet speeds? Hone in on optimizing site loading times with smaller file sizes.

If you need support in your accessibility efforts or want to take them to the next level, we’re here to help. Nerdery can provide training, audits, and coaching, as well as transformative design and development services with accessibility at the forefront.

Need help making your content accessible?

View our content accessibility guide