Swag Bag August 2020

Nerd Therapy

What Will Event Attendees’ Expectations Be in 2021, and Are You Ready?

Thank you for joining us for Nerd Therapy! Here, you’ll find topic-related resources, a recording of the event, and some virtual swag.


Recommended tools to improve the event experience

Tools and applications Nerdery’s UX team leverages when creating stellar virtual/hybrid event experiences.

A toolkit that enables users to create layouts and designs using libraries, symbols, icons and more

A platform that facilitates collaboration and works in conjunction with other applications to create prototypes

A design tool that allows users to create prototypes with interactions of different levels of complexity

Adobe XD
A design and prototyping tool that excels in creating animations and working alongside other Adobe products

A browser-based application that helps users to design, prototype and generate front-end code

A collaboration space for sharing and discussing work, including specs, assets, and code snippets

A browser-based application for collaborative white-boarding used for brainstorming and remote workshops


Virtual Event Basics

Be Mindful of Your Medium

Consider your attendees’ attention spans given increased screen time throughout the work day. Keep keynotes to less than 30 minutes and build in break time between sessions to combat screen fatigue and encourage participation.

Showcase Your Brand and Design

Go beyond the website experience to find opportunities that infuse your brand throughout the event. Start by considering aspects such as speaker backgrounds, presenter apparel, production style, presentation design, motion and swag.

Prepare Your Presenters

Presenters and panelists may need coaching and practice to be engaging in this new medium. Encourage speakers to record themselves to get a better understanding of how to leverage their personality, build energy and capture the audience’s attention.

Do a Dry Run

Bring your panelists or speakers together for a dry run well before the event to test out audio quality, connectivity, slide quality and to work through final details. This can help your speakers feel more confident because they’ll have a greater understanding of what to expect.

Plan for Tech Trouble

When technical glitches arise, be ready with solutions that make both your speakers and attendees feel supported. Ahead of the event, test equipment and connection speeds, and identify solutions and backup plans. Remember to also consider your attendee-facing support solution and communicate it in advance.

5 Steps to Ensuring an Engaging Virtual Event

The digital investments you make this year and next will set you up for a strong hybrid event in the future — with even more profitable, practical and engaging ways to connect and continue doing business.