Star Tribune: Nerd Drive

Inside Track column, Neal St. Anthony

The Nerdery of Bloomington, home to 429 Web designers, project managers, IT professionals and other nerds, plans to hire 100 more over the next 100 days.

The jobless rate is minuscule for Web professionals in the Twin Cities area. And business is strong at the Nerdery, which partners with client-marketers on interactive projects including websites, mobile and social media. Anyone referring a nerd they know will earn $100 if the referral snags an interview, and the bonus grows to $500 after their nerd has worked 90 days for the Nerdery. The Nerdery has hired 350 employees the past two years in the Twin Cities, Chicago and Kansas City.

"Even so, 100 Nerds in 100 days are ambitious numbers, but we're an ambitious company," said CEO Mike Derheim.